Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Calming My Brain |

Hello my loves,

I will be the first to admit that I find it hard to cope about 40% of the time. There is nothing wrong with that and anyone that makes you feel like you are strange for that, my don't need them around. We all have days where it all overwhelms us. For me it can be something like my routine being changed, something going wrong in my day or even just waking up feeling a little lost. And just a heads up for anyone that knows me, mainly based at Charlie, if you don't know what I need sometimes most of these things will do.

Now more than ever I find that the anxiety in my brain is taking over a little bit more than it did. I think that in a global pandemic it is becoming a more normal thing for people and I hope that everyone is gaining a better understanding of mental health. I will say now that everyone is different and how I calm my brain on a stressful day could be no help to you, but it could also be just what you need. I think when trying to work out a little routine for how to calm your brain you need to just find something you love, some music you find soothing (For me I find a nice power ballad for some reason). Just take some time out of the world for moment and just remember that you need to take care of yourself.

Bubble Baths |

No this can be a bath or a shower but for me, nothing beats sinking into a bubble bath and popping on a face mask. I'm not one who loves all the potions and lotions after a bath but I find that just taking that hour for me just help me unwind. When I write this I just got out of a lovely bath, popped a hair mask on and just felt so much better for just pampering myself.

Candles |

I do love ram raiding the candle section at homesense for the little gems they have. My go to scents are vanillas, pumpkins and caramels as I feel like they are subtle enough to just lightly fragrance any room. I currently have a pumpkin rum scent burning and it is just delightful. I also find the flicker of the flame so calming and that may make me sound a little strange, but watching a flame lightly flicker just makes my heart happy and my soul content.

Music |

I find music is like therapy for me, I'm fortunate enough that I have been exposed to some of the most incredible musicians growing up. These include Keane, fleetwood mac, queen and so many more. Theres moment I love so much, like when me and my mum are at home and we put on a bit of Kate bush. We do love twirling around the lounge like fairy elephants. When I just want some me time I have a play list on Spotify of loads of acoustic songs. I find acoustic versions just really calm my brain.

Call a friend |

Call or text, either will do. Sometimes all I need is to immerse myself into chummy for a bit. She has a way of calming my brain like no other and I find that just a few texts just helps my brain unwind a lot. Granted, we can have our little spats but I honestly hate it if we don't speak. My brain needs a small dose of her a day to keep me sane.

Do what you love |

I lost my love for blogging a couple of years ago which is such a shame. Thankfully I got that back and I must say, throwing myself back into it has made me so happy. I could spend a whole day typing away on my keyboard and feel like no time has passed. I think you need to find something you love because it really helps. Even if just for a little while it can really help re-focus the mind. 

Now I know that this may not have helped anyone  but if it did then I'm so glad. I think when trying to calm your brain, just take it one step at a time. Just try and find something that just stops the commotion in your mind for a little bit. Its taken me years to try and find what works for me. Even if its just a chat you want then please drop me an email at

Stay safe,

Chloe x

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