About me

This is my updated about me section, I havent got any more interesting but its a new year so I thought I would tweak it a little bit for you, so sit back and prepare to get bored as I tell you about myself and hope that you don't think I'm to weird. I'm also going to tell you stuff not even people at school knew about so prepare to be bored. I will add a list of "about me" questions at the end just in case you want to know more random things about me.

So my names Chloe and I live in England with my mum, dad and my older sister. I'm 18 but I do act like an old women, only yesterday I was sitting in my lounge knitting and watching open all hours.....I regret nothing. I really enjoy writing, baking, sewing and am very family orientated. When I was growing up I really didn't like school and cried every single day so when I was about 7 I was home school from year 3 until year 6, then because I was so bored of sitting at my kitchen table and watching boring documentaries all the time I decided to go back to school and started back at the start of year 7.

I used to have a job working as front of house staff in a shop at my local shopping centre and even though I really enjoyed it I wanted to try and follow my dreams or becoming a writer. I would love to be a professional writer/ blogger or even a comedian, I've never admitted that to anyone before but I love making people laugh and I'm told that I can be very funny. 

I put on a brave front but I have a lot of fears, which include clowns, spiders and their weirdest but most scary is the fear that I will lose one of my family members to an illness. I also struggle with nervousness, not badly but I find it difficult to cope sometimes in new situations and get nervous about the little things, I've never had a panic attack but I deal with anxiety by sort of shutting myself down, in a sense that when I feel anxious or nervous I close my mind and take a few minutes to just relax and breath then I normally feel much better because I've calmed myself down. I don't even think my family know, because I like to deal with it on my own but If you struggle with anxiety talk to someone because it can be difficult dealing with it alone.

Out of all my relatives there are 10 people that I count as my proper family and feel like they are the only ones that know me properly and I couldn't imaging my life without them as my family is the most important thing in the world to me and I wouldn't want anything to change that.

Ive always loved the band Mcfly because they are all insanely talented and have made huge success's of their lives but have also coped with hard times and have shown that they are strong and can get through with help and support. I love reading and my favourite authors are J.K Rowling and Giovanna Fletcher because their books are so well written and they are both two amazing women.

I spend the majority of my time either writing my blog posts or watching YouTube videos, my favourite You Tubers include Louise from sprinkleofglitter because she's so lovely and she shows us her normal life, like shopping and tidying the House. Also she manages to be wonderful mum to Darcy, is an inspiration to many girls my age, make us videos and blog posts, I mean what's not to love. I also love watching zoella, pointlessblog, Marcus butler and many other youtubers.

What else can I tell you about me, nothing really I mean I'm just a normal girl attempting to write a blog. Oh I also have a love of Disney, I don't wear make up and I really wish magic was real because I would have loved to go to Hogwarts. 

So I hope you know me a little better now and please feel free to ask me any questions you have.

Bye for now xxx