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Well I haven't updated this in a lifetime and ho much life has changed. Not much to say about me so lets do a short intro and a quick fire round shall we. If you don't like who I am then this space isn't for you so au revoir and all that jazz, if you do like what you see then come on in. Get cosy and grab a mug of cocoa (or something stronger {drink responsibly and all that jazz} if that tickles your pickle) and immerse yourself in the space.



 Cafe assistant.

Relationship status:
 Single and very much ready to mingle.

Favourite animal:
 Alpaca (Its like a giraffe sheep and who wouldn't like that)

Favourite band:
 McFly......be still my beating heart.

Favourite song:
 Somewhere only we know.

 Walkers BBQ crisps.

Do you want kids:
 I do indeed, two if I can.

Family orientated:
 Extremely, my family are my entire world.

Cat or Dog:
 Fluffy dog any day.

Favourite drink: TGI's Purple rain.

Guilty Pleasure: Top Gear.

I know those questions as a tad random but thats all my brain could think of. Anything else you want to know, ask away in the comments and I'll add it into this section.

Stay safe, 
Chloe x

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