Thursday, 7 January 2021

Lockdown & Relationships

Hello my loves,

Now here in the UK we have just been placed in the third national lockdown of the pandemic. Whilst I understand the need for us to stay at home and not mix households, it’s a bugger if you live away from your partner. Now I’m aware it’s so hard being apart from anyone, I’m missing my family like mad but I’m finding it tough being apart from Charlie and I just wanted to do a little post about how we’re coping during this lockdown. Now any couples living apart, I would love to hear what you do to try and keep the spark alive via zoom calls and a two metre distance. 

I’m also aware that no one really reads this anymore, I’m just using this space to just feel a little more me and express my thoughts in a time where I’m finding it all a bit tough. Now I know I can go on, but being the person I am. My brain needs routine to function properly, I can’t explain it but for me, having a routine in place just keeps me calm and considering Charlie is normally a massive part of my daily routine, it’s safe to say that the mental health has taken a hit.

So this picture has a few things from Charlie that I have needed to get through these lockdowns. A jumper, a very small thing that shouldn’t mean as much but where it smells like him I will happily admitted that I cost up with that of a night and it keeps me feeling close to him. The ring, not an engagement ring (even though I’m overdue 😂), my promise ring is on me pretty much 24/7 and it’s become a small comfort lately. Granted it’s missing a stone and needs fixing but it holds a very special moment that only myself and Charlie know about. My hippo, well Charlie’s hippo. It was a little gift we got for our future babies when we were in Disney world. No! I’m not pregnant but we saw it and fell in love, it’s just become a nice little remainder of all the happiness we have to come and I wouldn’t be without this hippo.  

FaceTime dates |
I know full well that nothing beats coming home after a long day to cuddle up with your partner. It just feels different, like you’re part of a little team and I for one am missing cuddling up with Charlie, watching a film while I drift off to sleep. But saying that, we have to make the most of a bad situation. Me and Charlie are well past the dating stage by now but we’ve been trying to watch films or programmes on FaceTime together. This doesn’t always work as we both have pretty shit internet and we never quite sync up. 

Care packages |
Having a little package of home comforts will always be nice. I found that getting given one of Charlie’s pillows from our bed helped me feel so much closer to him. Sweet treats galore are normally involved and I must say, I like having a little snack that he puts in. It’s normally cookies or my favourite ice cream. A hand written note is a must. In a world full of texts and calls I think it’s so nice to have a something hand written, I for one love keeping all Charlie’s little notes to me and looking back over them when I’m feeling a little low. 

A walk |
Here in the UK we are only allowed out for food, medicine and exercise but we are allowed to meet one person form another household on our exercise provided we are two metres apart. So me and Charlie will be getting the exercise gear on ready for a sprint from the police on our walks 😂. I joke, it is perfectly legal for us to go on a walk provided we are two metres apart. Now considering we don’t really like exercise, if this is the only way we can get a physical glimpse of the other we will do whatever it takes. 

A place of our own |
Now a place of our own is something we are desperate to get. While his parents have been so amazing through all this we just need our own space to be together. Now mine have been great to but his parents see a lot more of our relationship and I think they understand just how difficult it is for us to be apart. We are in the process of looking now but places get snapped up so quickly so that’s a little disheartening at times.

Now I know nothing compares to having your other half with you and I guess we just need to get through this next few months. If you’re struggling then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’m more than happy to talk or even just listen at Please try and stay positive because I know jsut how hard it is and I understand there are days you are just going to sob that you can’t go and just have a cuddle but we can do this. 

Stay safe,
Chloe x

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