Saturday, 9 January 2021

A Long Time Ago |

 Hello my loves, 

It dawned on me last night that this April I would have been dipping in and out of blogging for 7 Years of my life. Oh how I've changed in those years. I used to share EVERYTHING on here and maybe I was a little naive to do so but at the time, it was the only place I could feel like I had a voice.

Im saying that like in 2021 I have a voice. I still will never shout the loudest but I feel like who I am is more out there for people to see. This is still a little slice of myself that I only really let two people see. Chummy and Charlie are pretty much the only ones who know of this section of my life, I don't think Charlie shows any interest in this but he's a boy. I so desperately want to throw myself into this more but its that fine line of sharing too much and being myself that Im finding hard. I either shy away or thrown myself into things whole heartedly and I will never be any different.

A part of me wants to use this year to thrive and take this back to what it used to be, I was so happy when this was just mine and I want that again. In a world full of uncertainty I want that little bit of control back. Which is is no way a bad thing right now when all control is taken away from us. Theres things I want to do and part of my life I want to share, thats only because I know that Im scared. I have made mistakes via the internet, Haven't we all. We have all made little mistakes that could one day come back to haunt us but who the fuck cares anymore. I am getting to a stage in my life when Im happy with everyone in it, I've done the weeding and Im finally happy. I used to thrive in this space and I want that once more. 

Now there won't be much activity of the adventures I get up to this year, mainly because unless you want to see what I do when i potter around the house there is simply no point. Until we are out of lockdown theres not many places i can go and show you and I think i need to use that time to work out what will be going on here.

I think we are all just a little bit broken right now and I for one, I don't want to have that consume me anymore. I want to get back to what I love and have a little slice of who I am back. I plan on spending my day planning out my content and trying to get back to what I love. I have no control over most aspects of life right now so time to grab onto what I love and run (Well fast waddle) with it.

Stay safe,

Chloe x

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