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Minnie Ears |

Hello there,
Now I have made it no secret that I am going to Disney World. I have a big post about that but today I wanted to show off my Minnie ears. I have been collecting Minnie ears since my trip to Disneyland Pairs back in 2016. I thought I would show you my collection and if I can remember where I got them, I will link the etsy sellers or at least who they were made by,

You're my hero |
This gorgeous pair of ears is my latest addition to the ears family. I had been after a wreck it Ralph pair for ages and when I saw these, I knew I needed to have them. They were from an American etsy seller so were a little more expensive just because of shipping. The quality of these are to die for and I cant wait to show these off around the parks. The etsy seller is called QueenoftheKingdom

Rapunzel/Flynn ears |
This pair of ears are so pretty. I actually found them on eBay for £5 which is an amazing price, they are originally a Queen Ursula pair and I have been after a pair of her ears for ages. On one side they are Rapunzel and the other is Flynn. 

Mary Poppins ears |
This stunning pair of ears came from ImagineEarsUK on Etsy and they are outstanding quality. I got this pair for a trip in 2017 and I think they are so cute. I especially love the tape measure and they are so soft to the touch. The second pair I got were from the same seller. I cant really wear these ones in Florida because they were for the 25th Anniversary of DLP but I still love them.

His and hers ears |
These ears are something I just needed to have for this trip. I found an etsy seller that personalised ears and I needed to have ones that said "His Princess". Charlie calls me his princess so I sort of needed them. Now I know I call Charlie monkey but I sort of needed a pair that said "Her prince". What can I say? We are going to be that cringy couple that have matching ears. At least I wont lose him with these on. The seller I got them from is called DeadmansDesignsStore

Rapunzel ears |
I got these years ago from LilliBooBows. I love how sparkly these ones are and they are just subtle enough that meeting other princesses wont look like you favour other more. They also sit really comfortably which is a must when you are wearing them alllllll day long. I also got this pair of jack and sally ears. I think they are super cool and when I met jack he loved them.

Alien ears |
This pair is for Charlie, I have been finding it hard to find mickey ears so I went on ebay and found this pair. I think they are really cool and they will be good for when we go to the Toy Story part of the park. You can get these here.

Mad Hatter ears |
I got these a while ago and I love the design, I just struggle to wear these if I'm honest. I think these are more of a display pair rather than I pair to wear all day. They are really top heavy so are very hard for me to wear. I got these from Come2TheEarsSide. They come from America so the shipping and handling do make these a very expensive pair to have in a collection, I love them but they just aren't that practical for me to wear.

Toy Story ears |
I really wanted a cool pair of Toy Story ears for myself and Charlie. I found both pairs on ebay and I think they were only £6-£10 which is a total bargain. I just like them because its a pair Charlie can wear without the bow. Yes I know it doesn't matter but I like us to have matching but slightly different. I got them from a seller called daisymouse24. I love my pair because I have a little sheriffs badge and I just think they are so cool. Charlie loves guardians and I thought this pair would be cool for him to wear. On the other side they have groot on them as well so he is very happy with these.

The light up ears |
I got this pair for my birthday a couple of years ago from Chummy. We both have matching pairs and they are so pretty when they are lit up. She got them from EarsbySamantha on etsy and they are just so cute.She has a range of others but these are the first pair I got and I am just in love with them. Plus we got so many comments on that at night time.

Winnie the Pooh ears |
I got this pair on ebay and I just love how glittery they are. I have wanted a Pooh bear pair for ages and I love the little honey bee bow on them as well. I got these on ebay from the seller called graceroseearsandbows. I am always finding really cute pairs on here and they are a bargain price as well.

Charity shop finds |
My mum loves a little mooch in the charity shops and there are some great finds in there. She got both these pairs for I believe a pound each and they are from the parks. I'm not sure how old they are but I think they were a bargain. 

So that's it. Those are all the ears I own currently and I have to work out what ones I will be taking with me on my trip. Charlie also has another pair but they are currently hiding in his car so I wasn't able to get a picture of them. I am hopefully going to be doing a lot more Disney posts before and after my trip. I'd be curious to see what ears are in everyone collections and how on earth do you display them?!

Ciao for now xxx

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