Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Disney world | 52 Days!

Hello there,
This year I really want to take this blog to another level. I want to just make it more about the fun things in life, the things I have a passion for and just have some fun with it. If you follow me on instagram then you will know that I am finally, after years of waiting......going to Disney world. I am fucking thrilled and I wanted to tell you all about the plans we have made and just little bits and bobs I'm doing in preparation for our trip.

Now its just me and Charlie going and I cant wait for two whole weeks to act like children. I waned to give you a little post about what we're going to be getting up to, where we're staying and things like that.

Soooo, lets do this!

Accommodation | 
Charlie and I aren't that loaded so even though it was an expensive trip, we're just going for the cheaper hotel. I personally don't see anything wrong with going to the cheaper hotels. In my opinion its just a place to sleep. We are staying at the all star music resort, one of three all star resorts on the Disney complex.

We just have the standard double room which I think will per more than adequate for us two. I believe this hotel is nearer to the animal kingdom park which is good because its the one park I'm dying to go to. The handy thing about our hotel is that is has a laundry room, yes I know on holiday I don't really want to have to do washing. This does mean that I don't need to take as much as I can just wash what i have.

We also have a mini fridge which is perfect. Whilst me and Charlie aren't going to restrict our self with what we buy, I am aware that snacks and drinks in the park are going to be a lot more expensive. We have decided to go to a local shop so we can stock up for the two weeks on things like water, fizzy and snacks that can keep us going in the parks. Its also because we both love snacking in bed, I know we shouldn't but we just do. This way we have a few extras in the room in case we get hungry,

Flights | 
On our last trip to the US we went with Norwegian and then we had a different airline called wamos, it was not the best so this time we are going with Virgin. I have heard great things about them so hopefully it should be a better flight. We have pretty good flight times meaning when we go out there we are not up at the crack of dawn and when we go home I'm pretty sure we can just sleep the whole way home as its night time when we go.

I got us seats but I don't think I go the best. Charlie is very tall and likes extra leg room, but like fuck was I paying an extra £70 per person each way. I'm sure he will suffer in silence but I'm sure he will cope.

Parks | 
Whilst we are out there Charlie is determined to do four parks one day. I so want to do it but I just think we wont really get enough time to d do it. He also wants to try six parks one day which means doing all the water parks. I'm sure he will try to do it but I Just don't think it will be possible. I'm hoping that we get good weather, I know its hot out there but I'm just hoping it doesn't rain whilst we are out there. 

We are also of course going to the universal studios because whilst we are out there we want to make sure we get to do it. For me this is a once in a lifetime trip and I must go to the Harry Potter world while I'm out there. I think the universal parks will be a lot more action packed purely because we will only be there for a few days, whereas we are staying closer to Disney.

Dining | 
With our hotel we get breakfast included, I think this will be a perfect way to set us up for the day. We could have paid the extra to have the dining plans but I just thought it was a lot more money when I know that there's a McDonald's not far from our accommodation. 

Of course we have booked some restaurants for when we go. One of those is the be our guest restaurant where we will be having lunch. It works out a little cheaper than doing the three course meal, if we weren't fussy eaters then we would have opted for that but we wont eat half of the menu so we are playing it safe with lunch.

 Another reservation we have made is at planet Hollywood. I cant wait to go here, the menu is right up our street and it just looks very much like the T.G.I's menu, that is a menu me and Charlie really like. Its also well presented and of course I will be doing all the gram shots.

The last place we have made a reservation is in the rain forest cafe. We will be going there for dinner on our second week and its quite close to our hotel. I have never been so I'm really looking forward to it as it looks incredible. 

Well that's it for now, I shall see you all next week for another Disney post.

Ciao for now xxx

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