Wednesday, 23 January 2019

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Hello there,
Last week Charlie and I went to London excel to go to the Marvel avengers station. I thought this would be a good present for him so it was one of his Christmas presents. We decided to drive there, I say we, Charlie does all the driving in our relationship so he drove whilst I napped.

I'm not going to go into a full review but I will just pop a few pictures in and just let you know what it was like. Firstly here's a few pictures of my gorgeous monkey looking proud as punch to have his picture with some avengers signs outside. We waited outside in the freezing cold for ages but it was nice to just have some fresh air.

Inside it is actually pretty cool. There's a lot to see and quite a lot of little facts which is good if you want to brush up on your marvel knowledge. Now I wont lie, I love a good Marvel film but I'm not someone who follows the franchise religiously, for someone that is, then this is probably the best thing in the world.

They had a little virtual reality bit where you could be iron man and save the city and something like that, Charlie wanted to do it but the line for that was so long that he left it. It did actually look pretty good. I will maybe go during the week because it was running alive with children, they were the most irritating thing because they were just running wild which I hated.

The had a little section for each of the avengers, well the ones that are more popular. The rest they sort of crammed into one little section but I suppose they didn't have that much room for everyone to have a section. My favourite part I think was the Thor section. I just really like the character and his costume is just pretty spectacular.

At the end it takes you to the final game, its okay. Nothing to shout about but for little kids I can see the appeal. I think in all the experience was maybe aimed for little kids rather than hardcore fans. Obviously there were a lot of people there who clearly had a good investment in the franchise and I just wonder if they have focused to much on the aspects for kids rather than the fans of the films.

Ciao for now xxx

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