Saturday, 8 December 2018

Blogmas Day 8 | Christmas Day Plans

Hello there,
Christmas day used to be such a chilled event in my house. My family don't celebrate it so we just spend the day chilling out and eating pretty much everything. 

Now this year we have more of a plan on whats going on. I'm spending Christmas eve with Charlie then we both go our separate ways. I'm actually gutted about this because id love to stay round, wake up to the one I adore and open our presents we got each other. Alas I can't really do that. Charlies busy with his family and I totally get that. 

If I'm honest I just feel like I have to take a step back because I'm not really part of it all. I'll go home, spend the day with mum and dad and I'm hoping to go and see my aunt and uncle. I'll get some cuddles from my favourite little human, see the older two and get to play with a dog. Where I didn't grow up with Christmas that doesn't mean I went without. We would have present days twice a year and we got spoilt rotten. I'm looking forward to spending the day with mum, not that dad pays any attention to me when I'm home. 

Charlies coming round after his been to his nans and I cant wait to see him. I think it'll be weird for him to go from a house full of Christmas joy to one that's just a normal day. For me its the norm and I sort of oddly love it. I think in the evening we're heading back to his and I'm pretty sure we're going to his sisters to see her and the boys but I'm not really sure what else is happening. I'm hoping its just going to be a really chilled out Christmas and hopefully it will all run smoothly. 

No doubt I'll update you after Christmas to let you know what happened.

Ciao for now xxx

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