Friday, 7 December 2018

Blogmas Day 7 | Traditions I want to start

Hello there,
Today I want to do a little post all about the traditions I want to start. Now that I have Charlie I don't think it will be long before it's not just me and him. NO I'm not pregnant but there are a few things I want us to start as little traditions so that when we have our own little babies, it will be little things for our family.

Film night |
Now a little film night on Christmas eve is one I want to start. On this little film night I want to watch Muppet's Christmas carol, a classic in my opinion and then next one........even though it is NOT a Christmas film, only because I love you charlie.......Die hard. It makes charlie the happiest and is his favourite Christmas film so it'll be nice to have that conflict every year until he gives in and says I'm right.

Personalised decorations |
We got a cute little decoration when we went to winter wonderland last year. We both have one but I think they are just so cute. I hope as our little family grows we can add so many cute decorations over the years.

Christmas eve box |
I'm making a Christmas eve box for Charlie's nephews and I'm actually pretty excited. Its something I want to start doing for charlie so he will be getting one for him as well, not that he knows that yet.

Matching PJ's  |
Charlie is not one for PJ's but I really want to get matching ones. I think this will be a cute little tradition to start. I will happily make him wear them if it means a cute insta pic. Sorry monkey.

Winter wonderland |
Last year was the year me and Charlie got together, we went to winter wonderland and I sort of want to continue you that and make it our tradition. Its not the best but my aim to to go every year and build our collection of personalised decoration's. Plus i sort of want to take our kids there one day.

Well I hope you liked hearing all about the little traditions I want to start with charlie and hopefully all future bambino's. The idea of this future really fills me with so much happiness. Well I shall see you all tomorrow.

Ciao for now xxx

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