Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Blogmas Day 4 | Thoughts on John Lewis advert

Hello there,
Now I do this most years and this year shall be no different. Normally I love the John Lewis adverts, however this year I don't think I am 100% sold on it. I love Elton John, of course I do. I just don't really get the advert.

So basically the advert is all about how not all gifts are just gifts, they are meaningful and stuff like that. Its a good premise, I get that. However its just Elton John throughout the years playing his, I will admit, amazing songs. It ends as him as a little boy getting a Piano for Christmas. Its a good advert, I just don't think its the most spectacular one they have done.

Over the years John Lewis have had some pretty epic adverts but I just feel like its a bit meh this year. I get that is coincides with Elton Johns farewell tour which is brilliant but I sort of miss animals bouncing on trampolines and woodland animals in the forest. I know this was sort of a little post but I cant really say much more about a small advert so......

Ciao for now xxx

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