Monday, 3 December 2018

Blogmas Day 3 | Christmas Wish List

Hello there, 
Now time for the Christmas wish list. Half of these are so unrealistic but they are my hearts desires. Now I am aware that some of these seem so pointless but what the hell, a girl can dream. Now I will be linking with amazon on some so that's my little ad section done. Lets begin.

Disney Lego castle | 
The  Lego castle will forever be on my list of wants. This is the thing I will save years for but this is on the list just in case my family become millionaires and feel like a 21year old needs a Lego castle.

Kat Von D | Tattoo liner
Me and my cousin got these a few years ago and I'm gutted that mine ran out. Its not overly expensive but I can never bring myself to buy it. It just applies so perfectly and its much easier for me to get my flicks with.

Sony DSC-WE500* |
I really want a new camera that I can start vlogging on again but instead of a DSLR I want one I can have a flip screen on. I just find it easier to vlog when I can see my angles. This one seems like the perfect fit for me.

My own place |
Not gonna get this for Christmas but a house for me and charlie would be perfect. I just really cant wait for us to be living together. Just our own space to potter around.

Pandora Charms |
Pandora have the most adorable charms out but they have realised Mary Poppins ones and oh be still my beating heart.  There's also a little charm not Disney, yep a charm that isn't Disney. Its the little robot charm and I am simply in love with it so much. I saw it in new york and never got it.

Fearne cotton* | Quiet
I love a good book and the new Fearne cotton book looks pretty good. Its one I really want to add to my collection. I think this is pretty much the perfect book for me. 

Lego* |
I love a box of Lego. Like Lego used to be one of my favourite toys when I was little and what I wouldn't do for a big box of Lego now. Its just so much fun, I love being creative with it and making little houses with cute little flowers and shit like that. I also love the Disney sets and harry potter sets.

Minnie ears |
Since booking our holiday to Disney world I have been sticking up on ears. I have favourited so many on Etsy and the amount I've purchased lately I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the Etsy stores running well. Saying that, there are a few pairs I just cant bring myself to buy even though I love them so much.

Well those are just some of the things on my Christmas list. Now I always tell people I'm not too fussed because I'm honestly not. If anything this is just a list of things that I'm hoping to buy when I'm not piss poor.

Whats only your wish lists this year? Let me know in the comments.

Ciao for now xxx

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