Sunday, 2 December 2018

Blogmas Day 2 | Christmas Playlist

Hello there, 
It's the time of year again when all we hear is festive cheer (I'm proud of that joke, do not judge), that means its time to share my festive play list for you. Now I have a few new ones on the list this year and I cannot wait to share them with you all.

My life is now spent on Spotify blasting out the Christmas tunes and here's a little run down of my favourites. I will be posting the links as well so you can be transported to my favourite festive tunes.

One more sleep | Leona Lewis
I just love this song because its just really sweet. I'm pretty sure charlie gets sick and tired of me playing this, but good god I love it. I could listen to this all bloody day.

Candy Cane lane | Sia
This isn't one I thought I would love but last year charlies nephew, well I'm gonna glass him as mine as well now, well he was obsessed with this song and since then I've had such a love for it.

Fairy tale of new york | Ed Sheeran and Anne-Marie
This is one that me and Charlie we not really sure if you we like, after a few listens I think its say to say we are pretty much head over heels for this cover. I will admit that Anne-Marie steals the show on this one. Sorry Ed.

Stay another day | East 17 
One of mine and mummy favourite's. Stay another day is just quite special to us, its more of a little nod to my nan and I think this will always been such a perfect Christmas, well all round song.

Baby its cold outside | Michael Buble & Idina Menzel
Ohhhhh this song gives me the feels. It's just such a feel good song. Plus who doesn't love this paring, its just so perfect and a happy go lucky song. Charlie doesn't particularly like this song when I put it on, alas he will have to put up with it a little longer.

I'll be home | Meghan Trainor
I just love listening to this on a cosy winter night. Its a really cutesy song, again not Charlie's cup of tea but I'm all over this song. Partly because I know all the lyrics and I love something I can sing along to.

Driving home for Christmas | Chris Rea
This song just reminds me of the day me and chummy worked Christmas eve, got a bit high on bleach fumes and giggled all day. When we left this song was on in the car so it will always remind me of that day.

So that was a little run down of some of the tunes on my festive playlist. I hope you liked that little look and maybe even have some new favourite's. Let me know in the comments what songs are on your playlists.

Ciao for now xxx

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