Monday, 10 December 2018

Blogmas Day 10 | Retail at christmas

Hello there,
Retail at Christmas. I do this post every year but this year it's at its worst. I'm going to give you a little insight into the environment I am working in on the run up to Christmas. I'm hoping this could change how you view retail workers and just be a little more patient with us. 

Sooooooo where on earth do I begin. How about the fact my department is so understaffed that when people went sick, a few weeks ago I had to run the department on three people. I work in a cafe that seats about 200 people. All day we both barely any help and it was hell. I never quit. I will cry and get myself into such a state but I will never quit. We had an hours wait, no staff and every customer screaming at us. I get that its frustrating but they all knew there would be a long wait and there were only three of us. How is it my fault I was given no staff. 

At Christmas I swear everyone becomes enraged at the smallest things. If I have to go on the shop floor o get something they surrounding you expecting you to know where something is. My hat says cafe, how on earth do I know which isle five spice is in. They are demanding and I think customers actually see us a nothing more than dirt. No pleases, no thank yous. If you see staff in shops getting wound up I can assure you it is because they are working all the hours under the sun, with very little breaks and no help. 

Everyone is always in such a rush, I get that but there is no need to treat the staff in the place you are like absolute filth. I just think everyone should be a little more understanding. Yes you may be an office worker and whatever but how would you like it if someone came up to you, shouting at you for something that is out of your control. They shout telling you to work harder when you have already done a nine hour day with no break. They demand the world when you are struggling with no help. How would you feel? 

For us retail workers Christmas is something we dread. Just please bare in mind that the frazzled girl you see running around is trying her best. The man you're shouting at because something isn't there is not the one to blame for an item being out of stock. We are trying our best in a place that doesn't help us. We are physically drained and if not physically then we are mentally struggling. Please just be a little kinder to us this year.

Well that's all from me. This was hard to write without naming names and really getting myself into trouble.

Ciao for now xxx

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