Monday, 12 November 2018

Retail Work | Mentally and Physically Drained

Hello there, 
When you read this I'll be back at work after doing a six day straight last week and a 44 hour week (That's with breaks taken out). I'm drained. Mentally and physically. I think everyone assumes retail work is a piece of piss. I wish it was. I work in the cafe part of my retail nightmare and I can tell you now its the most mentally draining place to work. 

Anyone who works in retail will all treat staff with some type of understanding, for me, if go to a restaurant ill always be patient with them. I get its busy and I know out the back they will be busting their balls to get stuff done. However I'm noticing more and more that people who haven't worked in that environment just treat us like shit. Even superiors act like we are nothing and its taking its toll. 

I can't work any more than I am. I give my all to my job and I don't know why anymore. No one fucking thanks me for it. Where I work, if you work 100%, they still want me. You can do a whole shift with no break and been working so hard you're bruised, burnt and at breaking point, they still expect more. I'm contracted just over 20 hours but I've been doing a good 39-45 hours for the last few months overtime. They still wont contract it. I'm working hard to try and build a future with Charlie but it just seems near impossible. 

I come home and I ache, my body aches from my feet to my shoulders. It takes a good few hours for my body to feel normal again. Then you get to my head, my mind takes hours to unwind and normally I take all of the stress from one day and take it to the next. I feel like I cant get a break. This job everyone sees as easy is taking its toll on a group of very strong women and men. We are at breaking point. I don't know how longer I can keep it up.

For me, if you will. If you go into a shop or a restaurant. Please. Please. Please don't speak to the staff like they are below you, don't moan they are going to slow, stop moaning that you think it cant be that hard. Work a day in our shoes and then you'll know its quite a stressful place to be. I don't have the please and comfort of a chair and a desk job. Granted its my fault, I should have tried harder at school. That doesn't mean I deserve to be treated with any less respect. I still work just as hard as you do, maybe more.

I'm not really sure what the point of this was, if anything I think I just had a very bad day. When I'm writing this, I couldn't see Charlie which was awful. Days like this all I need is just a hug, some boring TV and just the knowledge that I'm safe, I'm okay. I also just had enough. I just feel like we're treated unfairly in the fact that we aren't seen as important. 

Anyway I'm off for another fun week in hell. I have the weekend off so I'm making time for just me and Charlie. Life is too hectic lately so I want some me and him time, I think we need some time to just relax as a couple.

Ciao for now xxx

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