Tuesday, 2 October 2018

A Brand New Day

Hello there,
Remember me? It's okay if you forgot I actually posted here. I've been away for a bit, thought I needed to shut myself off from the professional daydreamer. A few months on and  I just don't think I can let it go. Its not the best. Its not the prettiest but it's mine and that's what I loved most about this. Yes I have made mistakes. I've done some things I'm not proud of but who hasn't? 

I think I allowed this to become everyones and not just mine. I allowed my life to get mixed up in the blog. My online ramblings will of course be honest, true and all about my life but I think I preferred it when people I knew in real life didn't know. That's nothing against people, I just think I preferred it when I just had a space to come and put the world to rights. Professional daydreamer was created in a very dark time in my life, it guided me through the tough times. 

From now on this is going to be positive vibes only place. I've made a few changes, one being that I have removed a few of the pages. Now you may notice there is a "Little Adventures" page. In there eventually, when I have added all the posts, it will be filled with all of mine and Charlie's adventures. We have so much we have done and that we are going to do. I think its only fair that I share little parts of that with the people that find it interesting. 

I have deactivated my personal facebook, instagram and other social medias. The only one I have now is my one for here and the only people from real life I have on there is my boyfriends sister. Over the last year with Charlie I would hope that I have matured a little. I am still the most stupid and clumsy person but I have sort of been thrown into a world that I love. Charlie not only brings himself but his family, all of which are now massive parts of my life.

On Saturday Charlie and I fly out to New York. A trip that I might film a few bits off because we have so much planned. Next year we're headed to Disney world. Its all go in our lives and I cant wait to get back to sharing it with you.

Ciao for now,
Chloe x

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