Monday, 29 October 2018

Pumpkin Carving |

Hello there,
So Wednesday is supposed to be the spookiest day of the year. Personally I don't really go for all of that, for me things like Christmas, Halloween and stuff like that isn't really a big deal. Maybe growing up in a family that didn't celebrate it means I'm not overly fussed. However since being with charlie I have started to love holidays like that. 

Ive been on at Charlie for ages to carve pumpkins. He finally gave in and yesterday we finally did our pumpkins. We got our pumpkins from a supermarket so they were pretty cheap. I fancied going pumpkin picking but Charlies been a bit snuffly this week so we thought it best to keep snuggly warm in the house. 

Now I love the carving aspect of pumpkins but gutting the bloody thing just irritates me beyond belief. Its just a pretty gross job for me. Now this isn't a step by step guide. We all know how to carve a pumpkin. This is just me showing off my pretty basic skills on my pumpkin. Now charlie knew exactly what he wanted to do, I however took a very long time to decide what I wanted to attempt to carve.

Since we can finally say we are going to Disney world next year I thought it would be perfect opportunity for an insta snap. I attempted the Disney castle, it looks shite but can't blame a girl for trying. Charlie had finished his within about ten minutes, I was left to my own devices in my own little world carving the word Disney out of pumpkin skin. I was having a blast.

This is the end result. Now it could do with some work but I'm upping the pumpkin game next year.

Well I hope you liked that really shit post about my pumpkins. This was the most chilled out thing me and charlie have done in a while so I was happy enough.

Ciao for now xx

Monday, 15 October 2018

New York |

Hello there,
So I'm trying to get back into the swing of the blog. If you follow me on insta (If you don't then why not? Its not great but go on, pity me haha) then you may have noticed I haven't been in my normal surroundings. I have spent the last week in New York city. This will be a little bit of a biggish post, just taking you through mine and monkeys (My name for Charlie) adventure in New York.

Saturday |
We stayed at a little hotel for the night before our slight. It was okay, not the worst not the best but it was a bed for the night. The flight was pretty bad if I'm honest. The flying aspect was fine, I found that I really didn't mind turbulence and the whole flight. It was the service I had an issue with. We had a different airline to what we booked and on the way out there they were awful, the service was just terrible.

Bad flight aside, when we got there it was actually okay. We headed into New York and got to our hotel for check in. We stayed in the Stanford hotel and I must say, it was pretty great. It was about a ten-fifteen minute walk from times square and a five minute walk from the empire state. We got changed, freshened up and then headed out for a little explore. We didn't really do much that night as we were pretty knackered after the nine hour flight.

Sunday |
Sunday was pretty much an easy breezy day. We had a long explore of the city which we walked, now I'm a very unfit person but we both love a good walk. I got the experience target, Sephora, TJmaxx and just have a little tour of the city. We also had a little look around Washington square which was quite nice.

After a long morning we went to the hotel to get ready for our little trip to the Rockefeller center. I was actually really excited for it. I had booked it so we got to see the sunset, I know it s silly but its something I've always loved a sunset. We also had a little view of the ice rink which was so cool. The sunset was stunning, it was also very night to enjoy the view with someone I adore. It made me think a bit, I used to be so worried Id never meet anyone but I was up there with a man that would do anything for me.

Monday |
Monday was my day to plan for monkey. We were out there as my birthday present but out there for his actual birthday. I had planned for us to go to Madame Tussuad's because I know he loves marvel and they have a cool little bit for it. We also took a little look in central park which was so nice, it was a very me place. Away form the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.  Monkey also basically became like a little photographer for me last week and he did very well. We also found a cute little hideaway in central park which was just stunning. 

Tuesday |
Tuesday was the day monkey planned for me. That meant we were off to the Zoo and the natural history museum. I must say, I fell madly in love with red pandas and also fed an Alpaca. Those who know me will know Alpacas are my favourite animal and the fact I fed one makes me very happy. The natural history museum was really fun, the space part was actual the best part for me and monkey, well the dinosaurs were pretty cool as well. We also went to the Disney store and my goodness, I was in love. I got a wreck it Ralph teddy and a Minnie ornament. I will say that in the afternoon I had a massive panic attack and locked myself away for a good half hour. Charlie came in, sat with me in the dark and just help my hand while i cried my heart out. I know he doesn't really get my mind but he does everything in his power to make me happy and to make sure I know I'm not alone. He also suggest I tuck myself into bed, pop on some tv and he'd get us dinner and we'd just have some us time. He is pretty good like that, he knew I needed some chill time and just a cuddle

Wednesday |
On Wednesday we had a trip to the sex museum and then wicked. The sex museum was.....interesting. There was a boob bouncy house so monkey was pretty happy. it wasn't the best but wasn't the worst. The evening however was extraordinary. We went to see wicked as mine and monkeys birthday presents from my mum. The set was incredible and defying gravity was breathtaking. I will admit I cried through that and not that girl. For me, this was the best musical I have seen. I love the lion king but that was just breathtaking. This was probably my favourite night of the week if I'm honest.

Thursday |
It was monkeys birthday so when he got up to shower I filled the bed with his cards and balloons. I think he liked the little set up I did for him. Our day was going to be spent in downtown new york. We were going to liberty and Ellis island. It was pouring with rain all day. We went to a little park near the ferry and there was a really cute sea glass carousel. It was stunning so of course we did that. We went to Ellis island and liberty island to see the statue of liberty. We also walked the whole of the Brooklyn bridge which was so bloody long. I'm happy we did it though. I had a really good time, I mean on the way home we got caught in awful rain and the passports got slightly wet. That caused a little bit of......ummmm.....tension shall we say. Thankfully they were okay but we just had a really chilled out night and watched a few films.

Friday | 
We had a later start to the day but we went to get the passports checked then went to the Guggenheim. That was pretty good, I will admit I preferred the architecture of the building. After that we went down to the 9/11 memorial and museum. In a city that is full of noise and hustle and bustle, it all just stopped the minute you get there. A sad quietness just takes control. The memorial is beautiful, it really makes you think. We also did the museum where it shows you all of the events of the day and shows you everyone that was a victim of the attack. For me, I was silent walking around it. Maybe its because it was an event that happened in my lifetime but my heart goes out to every single person, family and anyone effected. It is a very moving place to be.  

In the evening we went to the empire state and I must say, I was dreading it. Whilst looking out onto the city I felt an arm grab my waist and pull me in for a cuddle, monkey really knows the perfect moments to catch me off guard for a hug and this was one of the safest moments I've ever had. We had dinner at a really posh restaurant and then went back for an early night. Charlie also got me the Fenty beauty diamond bomb highlight type things and I was so impressed he had seen just how in love with it I was. 


Saturday |
Not much to say about Saturday. We went to the airport pretty early to make sure the passports were okay. The flight was pretty quick home and I will say the staff on the flight home were pretty great and muck better. I think there was a little bit of relief to be home. I think the week was just a lot crammed into 6 days. I loved it but its worlds away from what I'm used to.

So that was it. My week in New York. I hope you enjoyed that little look at our holiday. We had the most amazing time and I can't wait for our next adventure.

Ciao for now xxx

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

A Brand New Day

Hello there,
Remember me? It's okay if you forgot I actually posted here. I've been away for a bit, thought I needed to shut myself off from the professional daydreamer. A few months on and  I just don't think I can let it go. Its not the best. Its not the prettiest but it's mine and that's what I loved most about this. Yes I have made mistakes. I've done some things I'm not proud of but who hasn't? 

I think I allowed this to become everyones and not just mine. I allowed my life to get mixed up in the blog. My online ramblings will of course be honest, true and all about my life but I think I preferred it when people I knew in real life didn't know. That's nothing against people, I just think I preferred it when I just had a space to come and put the world to rights. Professional daydreamer was created in a very dark time in my life, it guided me through the tough times. 

From now on this is going to be positive vibes only place. I've made a few changes, one being that I have removed a few of the pages. Now you may notice there is a "Little Adventures" page. In there eventually, when I have added all the posts, it will be filled with all of mine and Charlie's adventures. We have so much we have done and that we are going to do. I think its only fair that I share little parts of that with the people that find it interesting. 

I have deactivated my personal facebook, instagram and other social medias. The only one I have now is my one for here and the only people from real life I have on there is my boyfriends sister. Over the last year with Charlie I would hope that I have matured a little. I am still the most stupid and clumsy person but I have sort of been thrown into a world that I love. Charlie not only brings himself but his family, all of which are now massive parts of my life.

On Saturday Charlie and I fly out to New York. A trip that I might film a few bits off because we have so much planned. Next year we're headed to Disney world. Its all go in our lives and I cant wait to get back to sharing it with you.

Ciao for now,
Chloe x