Saturday, 5 May 2018

It's The Little Things |

Hello lovelies,
Today's post is all about the little things. There's little things in life that just make me feel all warm and fuzzy, I thought I would share some of those with you today and bore you a little with them. I know this post might not be to everyones taste but I really love reading about all the little things that make people happy.

Belly laughs 
I am someone that loves a bit of laughter in my life, I like to bring the giggles and I love it when people make me laugh. One of the things I love the most is belly laughs, the laughs that you don't think will actually stop. The ones when you are crying you find something so funny and you feel pain that you have laughed so much.

Hugs from my favourite people 
This is mainly from my little cousin and my boyfriend, also the Italian lady at work. I love going and seeing my little cousin, especially when she is in a cuddly mood. Its so nice to just be able to grab her and lift her up to cuddle her, she may be 7 but I still like to prove that I can still lift her up and give her the biggest hug in the world. I also love my hugs form charlie, the fact that he is much taller than me is something that I just adore, I can snuggle into his chest and be like nope I am not leaving as I'm too cosy.

Sleeping next to Charlie 
I am someone that loves a whole bed to myself, I normally hate sharing a bed because I just like to have all the room to myself and burrito myself in my quilt. Even though charlie steals the covers and snores like me, I love waking up in the middle of the night, hes fast asleep and I give him a little kiss on his back then a little cuddle. I then try to get back to sleep and then he rolls over and put his arm around me. I love that. I love the fact that even in his sleepy state he pulls me in close for a cuddle.

Finding money in your pocket
As much as I love sleeping next to Charlie, I love finding money in pockets or bags that i have forgotten about. It is such a satisfying thing to just be like oh good god I found extra snack money.

Leaving work 
Ohhhhhhhh we've all been there, staring at the clock waiting for it to tick over to the next hour so you can go home. I am first out the door, I say my goodbyes quickly and run the fuck away. Leaving work for me is one of the best things.

Not having to set an alarm 
I love it when I have a day off and I don't have to set an alarm. Setting alarms for me is just painful. I hate waking up to an alarm which is basically telling me that I have to go to work. I might as well have my manager sit by my bed to bloody wake me up. When I have the day off I look at my phone the night before and just sigh with relief that tomorrow I will not be a slave to my digital alarm and my dreams can play out until I wake up naturally.

Rainy days
Rainy days when I can sit in bed, all cosy and warm watching my latest addiction on Netflix. I don't know what I could think of that's better. I just adore days like that. It just makes me so happy when I get to have a day on on a rainy day.

Not that I do this that often anymore but I love a bit of baking. It just fills me with so much joy, the idea of creating a delicious smelling thing that you can eat. Whats not to love. 

As bad as Ive been at writing lately, it really chills me out. I'm writing this while at charlies, and I forgot how much I like my writing time. It just really helps me to get really creative and I also forgot how much I love watching the screen as I can see myself type without needing to actually look at the screen. 

I ain't no Adele but I like to kid myself and still belt out some of my favourite songs. I just think its something that really lets me get rid of any negative energy I have. Its either I sing really badly or I just scream in someones face. I like to think I pick the better option.

Well those are just some of the little things that just fill me with so much joy.

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