Saturday, 14 April 2018

Work Work Work | Work Work Work.......Arrrrrgggggghhh

Hello lovelies,
I'm writing this post two weeks prior to this actually going up but I sort of know my opinions are not going to change any time soon. It seems like work lately has been more demanding. I of course want more hours, if me and Charlie are ever going to move out I need to be on full time. I don't mind the job, this issue lies with the people who don't work at all.

I get payed the exact same as people who barely work and it is taking its toll on not only me but some of my other colleagues. I think some peoples work ethics nowadays are terrible. Like they are offended if you ask them to actually do some work. I am one of maybe 4 or 5 people who know how to do everything at my job, we have around 20 of us in there so a lot of the harder work falls to me and a few others. My issue isn't the ones who haven't been trained to do what I can do. My issue is even on the smaller jobs that are so simple, they still don't want to work. 

I am paid the exact same as them, why should they get paid to stand around doing nothing while I work my arse off, working until I'm sweating, red in the face and my feet ache so much I feel like I could collapse. The attitude towards these people is just "Oh they might improve" or "they're not like it with me". I am tired of doing the job of everyone else. It winds me up to the point of no return sometimes and I am at the point now where even my work ethic has changed. I will now only do my job, I wont go above expectation anymore. I will only help those who will help me, we are not a team anymore. We are a group of people that only some of us work together well, we help each other out and really pull together. The rest just make a mockery out of the job and don't deserve to work there.

There are people out there desperate for work who would work their arses off to earn a living and then you have people who just thinks its their god given right to stand and get paid to do nothing.

I'm very sorry about this little rant, it's something that's really been playing heavily on my mind lately and I just needed a place to share it. Does it bother any one else if you have to work 10x harder than someone who barely works at all.

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