Saturday, 28 April 2018

Getting The Balance

Hello lovelies,
Look at me, sixth post in six weeks. I am on the ball with it. I am aware that I wanted to give you a lot more content than you have been getting but with life a little more hectic that usual, something is better than nothing. How am I actually managing to get the balance a little bit more I didn't hear you ask. Well I shall tell you in this boring yet very un insightful post.

Life over the last seven months has gone like this. I'm either at work or with charlie or with chummy or with family or just asleep. Now I can work around most of these things but its getting in between me and my love, and by my love I mean my bed. I can't seem to get the balance right and that means that the blog has taken a back seat, and when I say back seat I mean I'm on the train and its on a bus that's broken down down a country lane. A bit out there but there we go, I'm getting back to my old self of write whatever the fuck I want on the page and hope you stay with me. Right so we're on the train, the train to adulthood and bills and thinking about mortgages and shit like that. This has just taken a massive step back and I really need to work on that.

How am I managing to actually get my writing done, well if I'm honest one of the main reasons I hadn't been writing was I just couldn't find the energy for it while trying to keep up with work and a relationship. I had a spare laptop that has been gathering dust under my bed and I really wanted to use it a hell of a lot more. I have decided that the laptop will stay at Charlie's, it just means that when I'm at his house and he pops out or I wake up before him then I can get some writing done. 

I just miss this part of my life, it used to be a part of my life that was a massive factor and truth be told I really miss it. Currently I'm sat next to Charlie cuddled under the duvet while he plays his play station, this works just fine for me. I love the fact that now I have my laptop here I can get some work done in the moments were just chilling out. 

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