Monday, 4 December 2017

Blogmas Day 4 | Gifts For Him

Hello lovelies,

This year I've had to really work out what to get men. I found that for the men in my life the main focus has been around things like Rick and Morty and star wars but I have been finding some really lovely pieces online, I haven't got any of these bits but I think they are really great ideas for Christmas.

Now some of the things are gifts that I got Charlie for his birthday so there wont be any spoilers for him, not that he would read this but just in case.

Scratch Maps |
My boyfriend has been to a lot more places than me and I know he has places he would love to go. I got him this scratch map so when he gets to visit a country or city he can scratch it off, I think this is a cute way to track all the places you've been and what you still have left to do.

Beard Products |
Finally a year that I haven't had to just buy the normal lynx set. There are some really nice gift sets for you're bearded friends that have beard oils and things like that in it. I think these are just really handy and a nice way to be like "I love the beard.......but lets make it more fluffy and tamed". I love Charlies beard, don't get me wrong.....I mean if it got to a Mr.Twit level then I may be concerned but I know he likes beard oils and things like that. Its a good idea if you've got any family or friends who are attempting decent facial hair. This isn't the same one I got, this is much better so this might be a future gift.

Games |
Most men I know have some type of console. There have been a few games released that I know men in family family have their eye on fro Christmas. I feel like a game is always a safe bet, well as long as you get it for the right console. There's a few games my cousin had his eye on and I know he' always thrilled with a new game.

Gadgets |
This is one for men and woman because I love a new gadget to play with but I have found some cool bits and bobs that I know the men in my family will just love. I've seen a candy floss machine that looks pretty cool and I know my cousin would love this, this is under the gadget section so I'll class it. I also saw a cool little magnetic wristband so it would be perfect for my dad when he attempts D.I.Y. Instead of asking mum or me to hand him stuff, he can keep a all screws and alan keys on that instead.

Rick and Morty |
This isn't for everyone but apparently the men in my family love Rick and Morty. I mean I didn't realise my cousin watched it but to my surprise he does. I've seen some really cool comics which may have been added to some Christmas gifts, they also have really cool T-Shirts and the box set will go down nicely I think.

I'm aware this was probably not a great post but these are all things that have seemed good ideas for me.

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