Saturday, 2 December 2017

Blogmas Day 2 | My perfect "date" days

Hello lovelies,

I've been planning a few little dates and I just wanted to share with you some of the little date ideas that me and my boyfriend actually really enjoy. Obviously we're very much homey people so our little date nights might seem a little boring to everyone else but I love them.

Movie night |

Now we like to go to the cinema but I don't see the point of wasting money on films and being around humans I don't know, I'd rather have a cute little film night snuggled in bed. Turn off the lights, grab some snacks and cuddle up and enjoy a good film. Now me and charlie have a habit of watching horror films, I'm not really sure why but that's the genre we are drawn too right now. If we're not wathicng a film were normally engrossed in a new series. I've just made him watch Harper's island and he's a little bit obsessed with it.

Little forest walks |

Charlie knows that my favourite places are forests. Well anyone who knows me will know that. He also really likes just little walks so I'm planning on dragging him to a few forests soon. Especially  around this time of year, crunchy leaves under foot are just so perfect in my eyes.

Winter wonderland |
A seasonal one now. I've always wanted to go to winter wonderland and I should be going soon. I actually cant wait to be immersed in a winter wonderland and just enjoy the day. I think we're going to try and book some things but even if we just go and enjoy a nice London day it will be perfect either way.

Games day |

I never used to see the appeal of games like call of duty and stuff like that but now some of my favourite days are spend playing them. When I was little the gamer side of me was strong, I would hours in front of my PS1 immersed in the world of spyro. One of my favourite little date days are literally just me and my boyfriend snuggled up playing COD or crash bandicoot. To everyone else this isn't a date but to me this is what we love. I class this as a cute little date day purely because it makes us both happy and it brings out the competitive side we each have.

Shut out the world |
Some nights I just want to enjoy time just me and Charlie. I'll turn my phone off and just put on some chilled music, we spend hours talking, sometimes about silly things but sometimes we have intellectual conversations and I love this. We are both very interested in history so its great to bounce off my thoughts on certain historical points. Its also nice to just have a cuddle, talk and not have to worry about what the world outside our little bubble is doing.

Cooking |
Me and Charlie both actually quite like cooking so this is something that I really want to do more of. He suggested a little bake off so I'm looking froward to this. One of my little date day idea is going to involve us spending a day in the kitchen because I like it when we cook dinner and stuff like that.

Anyway there was a little boring post for you, sorry if its not really youre thing but I actually quite like little posts like this. 

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