Friday, 1 December 2017

Blogmas Day 1 | Welcome to Blogmas

Hello lovelies,

Lets just bypass the "I'm sorry for being away" part and just get into this shall we. Now its been pretty evident that I've let my blog slip a lot lately and you know what, maybe I needed some time to just be me without the blog. I've missed it a lot and felt an awful lot of guilt for abandoning ship. Now I'm back and I cant wait to get into blogmas. I will admit that it may be a little difficult to fit this in around work but I'm going to give it my best attempt.

I advent missed a blogmas in the years I have been blogging and I certainly was not going to miss it this year. This year I feel a lot more festive and I think its maybe because this year is nearly over. It's been a mix of good and bad this year. Well really bad mixed with perfect little moments that have just made my heart go all mushy and filled me with the biggest smiles.

Now this year I want to really go for this, grants that does mean that I am getting a head of myself and getting some of these posts written and scheduled. I just find it easier to write in one chunk when I have the inspiration. Anyone else feel like that? Anyway today is going to be short and sweet, I know I should have done a reallllllly long post to make up for lost time, at this point I'm impressed that I actually got a few words written down if I'm honest.

I actually can't wait for blogmas and I cant wait to just really get back into the world I love so much. Now enough from me, you'll be hearing form me a lot on the run up to Christmas so go and enjoy the rest of your day and I can't wait to share my blogmas posts with you.

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