Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Happiness | 10 Things That Make Me Smile

Hello lovelies,
Happiness is something that when I get, I cling onto it for dear life. I just know how rare my happy days can be sometimes and I just like to make sure that I make the most of them. Here are ten things that make me smile and fill me with so much happiness.

One |
Seeing my cousins. This is the smallest thing but seeing those three mini humans just fills me with so much pride and happiness. It's just time with them that make everything all worth it. My entire world is focused around them and I wouldn't have it any other way. As they're getting old my time with them is just more precious. Two of them are mini adults and I'm just so proud of they people they are, the other is just a imaginative child and I love her view of the world.

Two |
Cuddles with my boyfriend. Cringe alert. Please pass me a bucket but I can't help it. Me and Charlie are both very cuddly humans and right now cuddles are just the best with him. Not like lovey dovey ones, hell no. I mean the cuddles when I just lay all over him, his arm around me while we play minecraft. Wow what a hoot we are. I may sound childish but building our little minecraft world is one of my favourite things right now, building on a game I love with the one I love. 

Three |
Chummy time. My one. My only. My partner in crime and my chummy. This woman is one who I argue with the most but she means the world to me. A woman that's been there through thick and thin. Chummy time is very rare now and as sad as it makes me sometimes, well the time we do get together is just more special. Chummy time normally involved eating, arcades or sitting in silent laying next to each other scrolling through Facebook. 

 Four |
Reading. Something that when I get time to do I love. I love getting lost in the world of a book, losing myself in the world of different characters and transporting myself into their world for a few hours a day. Its one of the things that really gets my imagination going and its amazing how words on a page can just take you away for a while.

Five |
Music. One of the most simple things but I get lost in a song. I analyse lyrics and really dig deep into the meaning. Nothing beats playing my favourite song on vinyl. Its a small thing but if I'm having a bad day, I switch my phone off, I put my candles on and just play the most calming songs on a loop. Basically if you ever see me a little tense, just light some candles and put some music on. I zone out and just feel so much happier.

Six |
Candles. This one goes hand in hand with my last point. I just find candles so relaxing, the smell of cinnamon or caramel filling my room, seeing a flame flicker and dance is one of my favourite things. They just fill me with a lot of happy thoughts, its like I get lost looking at the flame and they just set a tone that I just adore.

Seven |
Tea. Nothing beats a nice mug of tea. For me its a proven cure to make me smile. No one makes tea like my mum, basically I want to test everyone just to see if the come close to a mug that my mum can make. It just feel like a hug in a mug, nothing feels better than wrapping your hands round a piping hot mug, taking the first sip of tea and just feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Eight |
Writing is one thing that I can just do for hours and hours. For me writing is the only escape that I get. Its the one thing that stops the constant noise in my head. There's something about putting everything in my head on a page that just makes me feel so much better about the world. The sound of tippy tappy keys on my keyboard pleases me a lot, I feel all official and I love life when I'm writing. 

Nine |
Movie nights are one of my little happy things. I love being all cosy in bed with a good film on. My go to film is always hot fuzz. I just love it so much. To be honest, it doesn't even need to be a movie, over the weekend me and Charlie just spend the night all snuggled up waiting Doctor Who, fun I know haha. 

Ten |
Baking people happy is something I love. I've bad my passion for baking for a few years now and it just makes me very happy. The idea that a few ingredients can make something so scrumptious is just amazing to me. I can whip out my piping bags, get a little messy and create a cute cupcake to give to the people I love or tolerate at work.

Well that was a very boring post about the ten things that make me smile. I guess I just want to do more posts like this. I want to do more posts like this. For too long this blog has been a space full of negativity. Lets take it back to what it used to be, a happy place that I fill with my favourite things.