Monday, 3 July 2017

Hey | Sooooo

Hello lovelies,
Right, lets get down to business (To defeat.....the huns). The weekend just gone was shite. Yes, that shit it became shite. Now I'm not gonna sit and say I'm okay. I'm coping. I actually read the message that Lawson sent me. He's saved my life. I don't think he really gets that. He has. A mix of him and chummy have come together to save me. I can't express to them how because I don't really get it myself.

I guess between them they've just given me that love I needed. Together, the pair of best friends for years have saved me. The third one to their little friendship. I'm gonna just insert the message I got from Lawson. Ill blank out anything that's just between us or anything but maybe then you can see why he's saved me. I owe him my life and yes I don't see him a lot, he just has a way of making the world seem okay.

Message from the best pal |
Dude I don't know what's up but I want you to know that everything will work out whatever it is will work out - something good always comes out of something bad- maybe not right away but eventually you just need to stick it out - times will be hard and thing will get you down but you need to know that things get worse before they get better and if you feel this is the worst part then tomorrow is a new day and will get better and if you wake up tomorrow and don't feel better then you need to believe that it will, there is so much out there in the world, I don't know how you feel but ***************** most of the times you feel like you're stuck in one place and that there is no chance of ever getting out and you're gunna be stuck there forever but by holding on to one string of hope will help you get through it just need to focus and concentrate on what you want and go out and get it- yes it will be hard to do and will take time but it will do be worth it dude I have to believe you know that and will pool all your strength to push past this current state and be the you you need to be not for your parents, or friends or boyfriend or grandparent but for you you're the one that matters most to you and so many different people and dude you know if you want to talk drop me a text or a message and if not me Shannon or someone, he'll write it down in a book scribble it on the walls shout it out but don't bottle it up if something annoys or bugs you let it be known and it will help to clear your head and make things better xx.

That did it. Well that and messages from chummy. Dude you wont see this but I cant thank you enough. Chummy you will see this. We fight, we argue, we don't speak at times but still you're there. Like yesterday, you came and got me and took me away to cry. Considering you don't like tears, I'm thankful. I love you both lots. I've got one little bit of happy back, granted that happy lives a fucking long way away but for now the happy is back. You two bring my happy. I just need to take time and just process things in a different way.