Monday, 1 May 2017

Hello |

Hello lovelies,
Life right now seems so fucking stressful. When I say life, I mean work. There are only three of us who will do any shift and I'm so tired of it all now. People who barely do any work and they seem to get all the praise. I just can't keep this all up anymore. I walked out today because I got that pissed off. Now apart from my life at my shitty job, my worlds kept turning. A few bumps in the road, mainly in the love life department but to be honest the rest of my life seems pretty good. I got a lot filmed with my chummy on Monday and I honestly had so much fun letting her into my creative zone, granted my content is shit but it was honestly so much fun to film with her.

I want to just escape life a bit right now, sadly I'm one of those adult things that has to just get on with it. It's a shame. There's so much more I want to be doing right now but it seems like life has other plans for me. I'm not really sure what the point of this was, I think I just needed to word vomit to all of you. I wanted to just get back to where this all began. I've let you all down, I haven't been as active as I like to be on here, that needs to change. I'm actually aiming for one post a week starting from next week. I've been a little too focused on youtube but I really want to just get back to this little world. I love vlogging but they are taking like a week to upload. Instead I'm just going to log here and there and maybe do a long one every two weeks?

I want to keep my youtube going but I'm going to try and aim for one main video a week. Also I'm off to Paris for three days in 23 days. Yes, I'm off to Disneyland Paris again and I can't wait. I want to be back in my happy place, to feel the magic once more and to just feel a little more me. A lot has happened since my last visit and I think I'm ready to go back.

That's about all from me for now, I should be back later this week with some Disney posts.

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx