Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Years Resolutions |

Hello lovelies,
New years resolutions are something that I never really used to make. It would aways be the same and I never really stuck to them. My main one has always been the lose weight. It was one of mine last year and I managed to lose a few stone. Now this year I still want to lose a little weight but my main one is so much more important to me and my mental health.

Last year I spent most of my time focusing on the happiness of everyone else. That also meant it made happy but being the one who's constantly trying to fix everyone else is hard. Who's fixing my problems? No one. Everyone else has their own lives and that's great but if no one else is going to try and make me happy or solve my problems then I'm going to have to do it by myself. This is the year for me to focus on me, what makes me happy and what I want. Have I finally grown up? I don't care of the opinion of everyone else because they are not me. If they think somethings a bad idea, it might be but if it makes me happy then surely I should just go for it. There will always be stuff I hold back and that's for good reason. Secrets have a way of getting out and there's only one person I know that hasn't shared those secrets. 

I don't care that people know some stuff but I just need to be more trusting of my own judgement. I'm fully capable of making my own decisions but I just need to be more trusting of my own mind. I think I've let other peoples opinions hold me back just a little, that's okay because at the time I wanted them. Looking at it now that's what there perception was if it was them. It wasn't, it was me. I think I just need to remember that as long as I'm happy, why on earth should I let other people drag me down. Like the woman at work said, why let the opinions of someone hold you back from happiness. 

This year I'm aiming for pure happiness, that's with everything. Family, friends, work and just pure happiness in general. Sometimes things will seem a little difficult but as long as I know what I want then it will all be fine. I've also got so much planned this year, I have busted and Adele to look forward to. I also have the most exciting thing that this year me and my best blogging friend are finally planning to me. We've both been typing away online for nearly 3 years and I can't wait to see the one person who's been there for everything. It's very odd to think that's she's been part of my life for this long. We even made the big step of adding each other on our personal face book's. I just think theres so much that goes on in our lives that sometimes is hard to find time to talk, this way we can stalk each other to see whats been happening with the other.

I'm not saying this is going to be the most amazing year. I'm just saying I think I've finally learnt that I'm the most important in life. Not in a selfish way but I need to come first. I need learn that no one else can fix me. It's not their job but sometimes its nice to feel like people are trying, anyway I'm bored of waiting and the only one who can make me happy now is me.