Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Adult Life | Pros and Cons

Hello lovelies,
Adult life used to always baffle me when I was slightly younger. I always thought when I was an adult, I'd be this sophisticated lady who had her shit together and knew how to tackle life. Fast forward to the current me and I'm barely managing that.

To me I had such an odd perception of what it meant to be an adult, not sure why but I always felt like being an adult was always so much better. At the very naive age of 19 I like to think that I've already learnt some of the pros and cons of this odd little thing people call adulthood. So let's have a little look at what my idea of the pro's and con's are but how the contrast each other. Each little point is what I saw as a pro but is in fact a bad point.

No bed time |
An odd little one but when I was younger I always thought the not having a bedtime was the coolest thing. My mum and dad could tell me what time to turn my telly off and what time to actually settle down to sleep. In reality its now me staying up until 2 or 3am scrolling through videos on YouTube and getting distracted by the Yoda seagulls video. That also means that when I have to be up at 4 this all back fires on me, meaning I then spend the day like a groggy with because I'm tired.

Drinking alcohol |
I always thought I would feel so grown up being able to legally drink alcohol. Turns out when I drink alcohol I can't work out when I've had enough. That means I then because an adult that's a little wobbly on my feet, a bit out of it and not really sure why on earth I chose to drink. Its a cycle that I don't really want to repeat again. Me and alcohol just aren't a good mix anymore.

Jobs |
The idea of having a job always seemed like the most adult thing. Going out and earning my own money to be able to pay for nice things and move out. In reality I work in a supermarket, no where near moving out because I'm not full time, even if I was it wouldn't be enough. Also the fact that I spend more at my job than anywhere else is just a slightly depressing thought.

I can vote |
But who the fuck do I vote for when the whole political system in my country is basically a massive joke. Every party just acting like its a popularity contest when it should be about whats best for the people in the country. Also the fear that if you don't vote, the vote police will be after me for not choosing a silly side.

Doctors |
Having to make your own appointments at the doctors even thought when you went the you were little your mum would do all the talking. Basically my life's just me going well I hope I don't die and when I need to book an appointment I don't really know what to do or say. There's no mummy to look at for the answers.

Well I hope you liked that little post. Im planning on posting Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We all know what I'm like and that will probably change.