Monday, 5 December 2016

🎄Blogmas Day 5 🎄 | Christmas Candles

Hello lovelies,
It's like tradition for me to do this post. The Christmas candles post that even I'm a little bit bored of. I just feel like I have to do it now, I've done it for the last two years so I wasn't about to change it. Now I've actually added some new ones into its this year. These are just scents that I just adore this year, they are also pretty festive so were perfect to use for this post.

Cinnamon brûlée |
I got this one form Clinton's a few months ago. It's such a lovely scent, perfect for any cinnamon lover and perfect for Christmas. I think this large jar was around the £10 mark and its about the dame size as a large Yankee candle.

Salted caramel |
I got this one from new look last year. This is such a nice subtle scent and really fills the room. I did find that this one tunnels very easily so make sure the first burn melts all the top wax fully.

Cinnamon swirl |
This is a very new one for me. I only really go this one because I love the jar. However the scent of this is just so christmassy, cinnamon with a slight hint of spiced orange. I can't wait to burn this one and make my room smell very festive.

Snowflake cookie |
This one was in last years so you know what I think of it. Its such a lovely sweet smell and just makes me feel so festive when I burn these little tea light.

Fireside treats |
A smell of toasted marshmallow subtly fills the room when this one if burnt. Its the perfect scent for autumn and winter. I want to get this one in a large jar because I love it so much.

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