Sunday, 4 December 2016

🎄Blogmas Day 4 🎄 | Feeling Festive

Hello lovelies, 
I'm feeling a lot more cheery today. Yesterday I was just in such a meh mood, which once I heard various other things it just made me a lot more weepy and a lot worse. I'm not really sure why but after a nice long sleep, I woke up today feeling very refreshed and ready to have the ultimate chill day.

So what have I actually been up to? Well when I woke up at 8 I just lounged around for a bit. I was supposed to be going out, I may as well tell you now that I had a date. I cancelled it. Sarcasm or not, telling a girl "No, I don't even want to see you" is that worst thing to say before meeting them. He messaged seeing if we were still on for the date, after a few question mark messages I replied with "No. Sarcasm or not that just upset me. I'm fine thanks". I felt like an empowered woman. It's a shame though, not much added up about him but he seemed lovely. I wanted there to be a spark, like I wanted butterflies but I just wasn't getting them. 

The previous one you all know about, well that was there with him. This has sort of put it in perspective for me, as hard as it is being the only single person.......well I'm just fine on my own. I'm my own person and the thought of someone compromising that annoys me. The right ones out there but until he shows himself to be decent and everything I want.......for now I'll stay single. I'm not getting into a relationship that's questionable from the start.

Anyway off from that, I had a rather festive day. I got photos for a few blogmas posts I've got coming up. I spent my afternoon surrounded by brown paper, red ribbon and lots of bows. I finished writing my Christmas cards, wrapped all of L's presents and then thought of the cutest little thing for L and chummy. Like I'm even making a post out of it because I love the idea so much. I also spoke to L to see when he was free so I can give him his Christmas stuff, he said either Christmas eve or when he does his gift run. It was nice to actually hear from him. He's the only guy I trust with anything and the only man outside my family who's proved he's a decent human, the rest just irritate me ever so slightly. Here's a little look at chummys gifts all wrapped up, I will be doing a post on everything I used and that in a few days I think.

I had a very lovely dinner and made sure every ones Christmas presents are now tucked away safely. I also listened to Christmas songs all day which just took my mind off of everything that's been going on.

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