Thursday, 22 December 2016

🎄Blogmas Day 22 🎄 | 50,000 Views!

Hello lovelies,
Another short post today. I know blogmas has been so bad this year but it's like work just won't stop. I now have just two more days in hell before I get two lovely days off for Christmas. Today just pushed me to the edge today. Its like everyone just irrupted me and work just got a lot worse. Saying that, I'm now at home all snuggled in my pyjamas. I have my fairy lights on, some great music playing and I just checked my stats. 

My stats are a slow burn, I really wanted to reach 50,000 by the end of the year and at the start of December I was so far off that. I just checked them, not sure why really because they never really change. Bizarrely I hit 51,112 views! I know that's still a tiny number but I'm so proud of that. It's not the biggest number but this is something Ive made all on my own and its had over 50,000 views. It's just odd to thing my "work" has been viewed that many times. If anything its my life that's been viewed that many times and although that's scary, its also very meaningful to me. I'm such a private person, well at least I used to be. I used to keep every little secret but now I tell the world every part of my life and my family get hardly any information.

If anything this actually makes me want to push myself further next year. I want to be a good content creator. I want to write blog posts that have some meaning. The type of thing that's going to help someone else. I maybe even potentially want to start using my youtube account. I guess I just want to push myself out of my comfort zone again, I've done it so much this year and I feel so much better for it. I guess as well because I'm almost at driving stage, like I'm so close to getting my full licence and that means a lot more freedom. That means I can go new places and explore a little bit more, I can take you all with me and share the adventure I hope to go on. Much like Belle "I want much more than this provincial life. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere".

Anyway I guess I wanted to share this little milestone with you all. It just made me a little weepy that I thought I was so far off reaching that goal. In fact with all the shit that's been going on lately, this little slow burner has shot up and has given me the push I need to actually try and make something of my little space online.

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