Monday, 19 December 2016

🎄Blogmas Day 19 🎄 | Lush Christmas Range 2016

Hello lovelies, 
A very late lush Christmas haul today. For me the lush hauls just take so long. Even when I don't go into a lot of detail with them, it still feels like they take forever to write them. Luckily I wanted to take a full day for writing today so I finally have time to settle down, grab my lush goodies and write this haul. Like normal I will be linking all the products in the photos.

Candy Mountain | £2.95
The candy mountain bubble bar has returned for another year. This one still has the most perfect little shimmer to it, the most wonderful scent of bubble gum and the stunning shade of barbie pink with splashes of white. This year it smells like they have made the scent slightly most subtle which is slightly disappointing. I love this one to have a strong scent but it's still good.

Star dust | £2.95
The sweet smell of vanilla fills the room yet again with this bath bomb. This snow white star is full of blue magic that releases lovely little stars and the turns the bath a stunning shade of blue. If the smell of sweet vanilla is for you then you need this little star in your life.

Golden wonder | £4.25
The golden wonder is back again and if orange and lime is your go to scent, then you need to be getting this little gift full of surprises. In previous years this one has been blue on the inside with little balls of colour inside. A little gift you you and your bath.

Father Christmas | 
He's back for another year, still smelling like the sweet snow fairy. I can't wait to pop this in the bath and watch it fizz away. If I remember from last year this is green on the inside. This one is actually quite a strong scent this year which I'm pretty impressed with.

Pepping Santa | £3.95
The peeping Santa bubble bar is back and its still as cute as ever. This one is full of Shea butter so its the perfect moisturising bubble bar, it also smells like a mix of summer fruits. It's just such a refreshing little bubble bar.

So white | £3.75
The smell of fresh crisp apples is strong in this bath ballistic. The perfect fresh scent the put you in the perfect mood. This bath ballistic is one of my favourites. I think I need to be popping into lush to build my collection of these.

Mistletoe | £4.25
This one is a very strong floral scent. Lovely but not one I think will become my favourite. If you love floral scents then this will be perfect. However, this is such a pretty bath bomb that looks like it will make the bath look so pretty.

Never mind the ballistic | £4.25
This one has become my favourite this year. The smell of grapefruit hits you and its just so nice. This one looks so simple but has the most beautiful smell. It's also packed with cocoa butter so I know it will be perfect for my skin. This actually has no grapefruit in it but it smells like it perfectly, maybe its the mix of lime and banana but its just perfect for me.

Northern lights | £3.95
A returning favourite of mine and this purple bar just fills me with so much happiness. I love the scent of this one and the little show this one provides when it hits the water isn't one to be missed. 

The Christmas penguin | £3.95
The little penguin has the subtle scent of lemon and orange. It has to be the cutest little thing and makes the most amazing bubbles in the bath.

Shoots for the stars | £4.25
Shoot for the stars has had a little make over this year and I adore it. The vibrant blue with cocoa butter stars is just perfect for the eyes. This one has a perfect scent of coconut and always does wonders for my skin.

Luxury lush pud | £4.25
If you read these every year, you'll already know that this is one of my favourites. The smells just got better this year. It smells like the perfect Christmas pudding and is packed with pops of colour that make the bath such a little treat.

Santasaurus | £5.95
This adorable little bubble bar is just perfect. It make the softest bubble and makes the bath smell like orange. It got it mainly because its a dinosaur and I just couldn't resist.

Jester | £6.50
This one is very appealing to the eyes. The smell is very subtle orange but it looks like it will turn the bath a lovely shade of red. This one was rather expensive but I just hope I love it as much as the others.

Magic wand | £5.95
A staple of lush Christmas and its back again. They have added a lot more shimmer this year which of course I love. The smell isn't as strong but it still makes the bath smell like bubble gum which makes me very happy.


The magic of Christmas | £5.95
This lovely orange start is placed on a cinnamon stick. That's part of its charm for me. It just smells exactly like Christmas. Cinnamon and spice and everything nice. This is my favourite for this time of year.

Snowie | £4.25
I love this little snowman. It just looks so cool and smells so nice. Very subtle grapefruit and rose. I cant wait to see what this looks like when its run under the water.

Ruby red slippers | £3.95
This just reminds me of wizard of oz and Dorothy's red shoes. It also smells so nice, I actually get the smell of liquorice but I'm not sure if that's just me. I just know this will turn the bath a perfect shade of red. 

Snow angel | £4.25
This bath melt is one that I always have to have in my lush collection. This makes my skin feel so soft and smells like marzipan. Its actually my favourite product from lush and leaves me looking like a glitter ball.

Well that's it for my lush Christmas haul this year. I hope you liked that little look at the range. Now there are a few that I don't have because they were exclusive to oxford street and some gift sets have the exclusives. If you have a lush fan in your life then a Christmas lush gift set could be the perfect little treat for under the tree.

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