Friday, 16 December 2016

🎄Blogmas Day 16 🎄 | Friend 1 Appreciation

Hello lovelies,
Blogmas day 16 and is this festive? Not really but I talk so much about my "friend 1" or the mysterious "L". The friend that honestly means the world to me and has been part of my most special memories of 2016. I just wanted to do a little appreciation post for him. I'm not going to be giving details on him because that is quite frankly none of your business. You know all my business and that scares me ever so slightly.

Now I only know L because of chummy and my god I'm so glad we had to meet. We only had to meet because we went to see Adele as a three. I thought I was going to be the worlds most awkward human when I met him, turns out I was fine and just sort of clicked. Now I may send this to him just so I can be like dude, look I do care. Now he may think I was the worlds oddest human but I think he handled me quite well.

Now as much as I'm always like chummy this, chummy that.......he's basically on the same level as my chummy. I get very attached very quickly hence why to me, he's one of my best friends or "friend 1". My favourite dude for so many reasons. He's the kindest male I know. the funniest most sarcastic human (I love sarcasm so for me that wins human points). The one thing I love most is the fact that he is very honest and he is the best at keeping secrets. There's been many a thing I've told him, my little worries that he's kept quiet about. It's nice to have that little release sometimes. Just to be able to vent and be like it's okay because he'll keep this secret like the good friend he is.

Now he's also one of the only men that I know who is such a decent guy. Other men apparently are just dicks. I'm so lucky that I have a friend like him, he tells it how it is but is very caring as well. I may not talk to him a lot because our lives just seem a little hectic at the minute, however when we do talk nothings changed and I'm left with the biggest smile on my face and I just feel a little more okay with the world again. He's one of the two people I want to see or hear from when I'm upset, I think its because I associate so many good memories with him now. It's just a thing of I want to feel happy and I know that's what him and chummy make me. 

Anyway I'm not really sure where this is going. I think I focus so much on my chummy and not enough of my other favourite human. I guess chummy is mentioned more because we go out a lot so I tell you all what I get up to. It's not about how much time you see people, it's about the role they play when you do see them or how the change your life in some way. I have a little more faith in the rest of humanity because of L. He's there whenever I need him, much like a few months ago when I was distraught for one reason or another. It was him who was there making sure I was okay. Everyone needs an L in life. He's truly a little gem that's very rare to find, luckily I have him and I can't really picture my world without him now. 

Thank you L for being the most lovely human. The best friend anyone could ask for and I can't wait to see you soon.

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