Monday, 12 December 2016

🎄Blogmas Day 12 🎄 | Dear Winter

Hello lovelies,
A little dear winter post for you today. I do something like this every year and today I just fancied the idea of it.

Dear Christmas,
I would be lying if I said this year has been bad. This years been bit of a mix for me. I've done things I never thought I'd do, I've made the most amazing friends. I've gained people who fill me with so much love, they make me want to be a better person. I couldn't really imagine life without them now. There have been parts of the year when I've just want to give up. Little moments of what then felt like sadness, looking at it was nothing. It wasn't meant to be and it was just me being stupid. 

I've made a true friend this year. My chummy. She's very much unlike anyone else, she shares my weird sense of humour and has shown just what a true friend is. Even when I've really annoyed her, well she's still stood right by my side when I needed her. She's one in a million and I can't really picture my life without my partner in crime now.

Boys. The main theme of 2016 and this has been an up and down thing all year. I don't have much luck with me, I'd pretty much given up. I stopped contact with a lot of people because if they wanted to be with me.....they would have made an effort. None of the others did, apart from one. That one is being given a chance, we'll see with this one. I guess I'm not pinning anything on this. Until they can prove they are worthy and if I can see a future with them, well it will just be a guessing game. There's still one person I will always carry in my heart, if they reach that level then I know I will have got someone rather special. I just have to remember why I fell for the last one and just hope that this one comes close. I'm just being a little bit more cautious this time. My hearts had it's fair share of games this year and I'm a little bit bored now. But would I rather get hurt trying or be hurt not knowing.

Life in general has been a whirl wind this year. I'm happy with how the years been though, there have been so many special moments that I will keep in my heart forever, little moments that seem so silly to others but mean a great deal to me. Like the picnic and forest stroll with my two best friends. Two people who a year before had no influence on my life, now they are the most important people in my life. 

I think I've finally realised just what's important this year. Life's not about money, its not about having a fancy job or having millions of friends. It's about being happy with what you have, appreciating the small group of humans you have and noticing just what makes them so perfect. The years been full of ups and downs, there's been a lot of points where I just wanted to give up, theres only really one person that's dragged me away from that feeling and showed me that life's worth it. My chummy's more like a sister to me than a friend and she's been my little saviour this year.

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