Tuesday, 8 November 2016

What Happened Last Week |

Hello lovelies,
Last week was a little hit and miss. My blog suffered a lot and I'm very sorry for that. I just needed a little time to chill out and enjoy myself a little. Anyway let's get on with this little post shall we.

Monday |
I had plans on Monday. We were going to go and carve pumpkins, ending the night in a club. That didn't happen and I was a little disheartened if I'm honest. Basically I spent the day regretting the weekend and just having a little home day. It was nice but the plans just changed very drastically. It was nice to just have the day for me. Get some little bits and bobs done.

Tuesday |
I had the perfect little day on Tuesday. A whole chummy day and I was just so relaxed. We carved our pumpkins, granted we were a day late but we still wanted to do them. I attempted to carve the Disney castle, I failed but it was nice to try out the design. This was also my first time pumpkin carving. I've come to the conclusion that I love carving but not emptying the pumpkin of the horrendous seeds and gunk. After that we had a little spot of lunch and then headed upstairs. We popped on nightmare before Christmas and just snuggled in bed. That sounds very odd, it was just very cold and we were slightly tired. It was just so chilled out, I also had a cat asleep at my feet. I'm allergic but I was fine. After the perfect day I went home and just felt so ill. Period pains were hell and all I wanted to do was sleep. 

Wednesday |
I was back to work on Wednesday and I spent part of my shift in tears. Things got brought up about the Saturday that made me quite upset. It was horrible but after some time on my own I calmed down. I was going to go for a Zumba class but chummy didn't, that meant I wasn't really feeling it. I also felt really ill, most of my shift was me trying not to throw up. To be fair the guy I work with was really sweet with me, he made sure I was okay and did most of my work for me. When I got home I just wanted to snuggle down into bed and just chill out. I lit a few candles and chilled out the the gaga album.

Thursday |
An early start for me which I didn't mind. My day was spent at work with chummy but I was stuck on the till. A day being moaned at by customers was just far too annoying for me. Now luckily for me I got to go home just before 2. That meant my night was spent watching Netflix, reading my book and just reflecting on the week a little. It dawned on me that recently I've spent all my time focused on everyone one. I just want to focus on myself for a while, just to make sure I'm okay and then I can focus on everyone I love. Ohhh and I also got a birthday gift for the woman I work with. She's honestly the sweetest woman, always there when I need her and I wanted to get her a little something. 

Friday |
A very early start, a 4am start for that matter and it was hell. I didn't realise that my manager was in which was a little annoying. I like my open ups to be on my own. I just don't like people judging my every move. After my shift I went to go and have a little chat with chummy and then got to head home. The minute I got home I just got into my onesie and got tucked up in bed. I turned on Netflix, popped on the crown and spent my evening engrossed in royal life. I love a show about the royal family, I managed to get 7 episodes done. The best 7 hours of the week. I wanted to get some stuff done but I just wanted a night to chill out and enjoy a new show. I went to bed pretty early but then woke up to a message from he guy I work with, he wanted to swap shifts but never gave me an answer so I was very unsure of what I was actually working.

Saturday |
I woke up early because I was so unsure of what I was actually working. May have landed him in it with our manager, anyway work was okay. It was a little quiet which was nice for once. It gave me some time to get stuff done and just have a relaxed shift. The minute I got home a massive argument kicked off, basically my mum telling me that my chummy would just post all my private stuff on Facebook. Something she wouldn't do, she knows everything and has never said a word. She pissed me off by saying that a girl who has basically become like family to me would do that. Anyway I watched another episode of the crown and just went to bed. I was in no mood to chat so I just wanted to go to sleep.

Sunday |
After a hectic week it was the final day. A Sunday funday which was okay. Not the best but it was okay I suppose. Someone said something which made me say something, which then sort of landed me in it. Basically something I'd kept quiet for a few weeks that not even chummy knew. I think chummy was a little annoyed but I just avoided her questions. After a long shift I went home, got ready and then just waited to go out. At that point chummy wanted to know if I was lying, I think she was just a little shocked I hadn't said anything. Anyway I had a really nice night. I then came home and finished the rest of the crown. It's honestly such a good series. 

Anyway that was my week. It ended with a nice night and now I'm ready to start focusing on me a little more and just getting life a little more sorted.