Tuesday, 15 November 2016

What Happened Last Week | November 7th-13th

Hello lovelies,
The past week has been really good. It's had it's bad parts but I've managed to just block those out. Conclusion of the week though, as much as I think that maybe I mean something to people. I don't. I know what role I play in everyones lives, that role just feels like I'm there to pass the time. That's fine. But for too long I've had to put my happiness on hold while I try to be everything for everyone else. After a very long chat with the woman at work I know what I need to do now.

Monday |
A shopping day was had on Monday. It was a very good shopping day, I got another 5 Disney teddies which I'm in love with. I also got the most epic dinosaur onesie. It was nice to have a chummy day, It seems like we have a lot of chummy days when yes I see her a lot, that's just because of work. It was nice to just be out without worrying about work and just have a day of shopping. The one thing I forgot though was to get gloves and a scarf from primark. The only things I went in for. It's always the way though. After that we headed back home, went and grabbed a bite to eat and then chummy dropped me home.

Tuesday |
A day at work and it wasn't actually that bad. The evening wasn't fun but its just something I don't really want to think about. Stuff happened, I got annoyed but that's life. I did however get obsessed with married at first sight. I didn't even want to watch it but I got persuaded. I'm glad I was now, it's just so good. There really isn't much to say about this day. Lets just say something that seemed like a bad thing actually turned out pretty good. Some stuff just isn't meant to happen. I'm sort of glad it worked out that way.

Wednesday |
A nice day off for me and my morning was spent all snuggled in my bed, watching really shit TV. I washed my hair which seemed like a very tedious task but my hair was like thick grease. I had a good Zumba class in the evening and also actually went to the gym in the afternoon. When I got home I just cocooned in my bed for a bit and just want to bed.

Thursday |
Thursday morning and me and chummy stupidly agreed to go to Zumba. It just seems really slow on Thursday mornings compared to Wednesday. We snuck away half way though the class. Chummy had stuff to do and I needed to see my aunt and get ready for work. Work was pretty fun, we finished early and it was just a pretty easy shift. I mean I found out one of the women I work with is leaving, I was a little devastated but it's what's right for her and her family.

Friday |
Not an early this week which was a shame, instead I started at nearly 9. It was an okay shift, not the best but me and chummy were told we're going, if we wanted, to a new store for the day. It's an hour away but it's a little road trip for us and a day to play in a new store for a bit. I'm' actually quite excited to get out of our store. It'll be nice to see a different one and just have a very fun chummy day. When I got home I just wanted to relax for a bit. Listen to some good music and have a nice little pamper evening.

Saturday |
I had a late at work and this was one I was looking forward to. My manager hasn't really been able to give me and chummy a lot of lates together over the last few months. It's a bit of a shame but luckily we had our late together. It actually wasn't to bad. I had a little heart to heart with the woman I work with, I told chummy something that I thought was cute but was sort of met with a meh response. I didn't mind but I was a bit like oh. Hence why the woman I work with got a the story I wanted to tell my chummy. After work it was nice to just go home and get in bed. I didn't feel great so all I wanted was a cosy bed and some shit TV.

Sunday |
Sunday funday at work. It was okay. Wasn't brilliant but we made the best out of a bad situation. Now it just wen mad at the end before we closed, that meant we were very behind. We got done but we also had to put up and decorate the tree. We only had time to put the tree up which was a shame. When I got home I had a good selection of snacks because I was ready for bed and I'm a celebrity. Its like the true sign Christmas is on the way in the UK. 

That was about it for the week. It was okay but now I'm just feel super festive. I'm just in such a good place right now in every aspect of my life. Things are looking up and I'm just very happy with everything that's happening.