Saturday, 12 November 2016

Little Life Updates |

Hello lovelies,
Life's seemed so hectic lately. I've let things get to me that just seemed so silly now, they were of no importance but I let it get stuck in my head. This time of year is so cosy for me but it normally brings a little sadness. A part of my life, a big part of my life was given up at this time of year and it's like life went into a downward spiral. This year it seems a little easier. I thought I'd give you a little update of how life in general is going right now. From home to work I want to give you a clear picture of where I am in life right now.

Family |

Family life is something that used to seem so simple. I grew up in the most loving home with the most incredible family. I'm still lucky enough to have them all with me. There's one person who's just become a stranger to me. Me and my sister are still like strangers and I think it's for the best. Do I miss my big sister? Yes. We're just completely different people now, our lives have gone so separate and as harsh as it sounds, well cutting her out of my life has made me a lot happier. There's just a lot less drama and its just easier to be myself. 

Friends |

Friends are the ones who've picked me up a lot this year. Granted ones been a little quiet but that's understandable. He's still there when I need him and that's the main thing, one of the reasons I love him to pieces. The one constant is chummy. A girl who this time last year was just a colleague and now....well now she's like a sister to me. The girl who's dragged me out of my shell, sometimes kicking and screaming but I'm glad. If she didn't persuade me to do stuff then I'd still be stuck at home wondering if there was more to life.

Work |

Work is just as shit as ever. The company I choose to keep at work has also changed a little since last time. My chummy is still obviously my partner in crime, the guy I work with is still one of my favourites but apparently one of my work best friends has appeared in the form of the funniest, most sarcastic woman. She was my buddy when I first joined and she's one of the people who I can have such a giggle with. One of my favourites is leaving, that's a little sad. I guess I didn't really expect her to go. I think its now started everyone else off on leaving. As much as we say we hate it, we have a laugh. I get that its not a forever thing for most but for me, well maybe it is. I've accepted that and I don't really mind. Its a fun job, stressful but fun. I've been upped to 25 hours a week which means I can save more, well or at least try to. That's still a working progress. 

Blog |

My blog. The one thing that used to be my only focus. I've got a little lost lately and I think we are all aware that I've let things slip. My focus has shifted and I need to shift it back. I'm hoping I can but sometimes other things have to come first. Now This is the first time in weeks that I've actually sat at my desk and wrote. Its normally done on my phone in a rush. I cleared all my desk so it was neat and tidy. For once there's not things falling on my keyboard or random bits and bobs distracting me. I'm hoping that this simple thing will mean I'm a little more focused. Blogmas is also coming up and I'm hoping to do it this year. This will be the third year I've done it but I'm hoping this year to make it much better than the previous two tears.

Health |

Physical health is a working progress. I haven't gained any weight but I still have a few more stone to shift before I'm at my goal. If I'm honest with you I don't think I'll ever truly be happy with what I look like, that doesn't mean I'll give up. Mental health. That's a little thing I'm really working on. I've had to really try and work a lot of things out, little triggers that set everything off so I've managed to find ways of calming myself before things get out of hand.

Love |

You all know my little escapades over the last few months. I don't regret any of it. My like chummy said, I'm fishing. That sounds weird but I'm only 19. I'm seeing whats out there. Some fish seem nice but aren't, so they have to be put back. Other fish might stick around for a bit. I don't have a boyfriend, I mean I've had failed attempts but that's where I've been going wrong. I was so sure that's what I wanted to I got to paranoid that I needed one. Do I? No, I don't. If someone comes along who makes me happy, adds to my life then maybe a relationship. At the minute I just need to take things slowly, something that I've learnt now.  No. It just means now I know that I can just take this whole love thing a little slower. The woman at work, apparently we just have deep chats, said to me it'll happen but you just need to focus on you for a bit. The right man will come along. I think she's right. Anyone who wants to be in my life will show it. If they don't then goodbye to them.

That's that really. That's life lately and I hank I'm actually in a pretty decent place right now. Life's getting a little less hazy and theres a clearer picture of how everything's panning out. Well I hope you liked that little update. It was actually nice to sit at a tidy desk for one, listen to some good music and get back to what I love doing more. 

 To you.
If you actually read this pitiful attempt at writing then thanks. I genuinely mean that. The fact that you choose to read what I have to say means so much to me. You're a part of my life in a small way and I'm just glad that for some reason you keep coming back to see what I've been up to.