Sunday, 20 November 2016

10 Ways I Relax |

Hello lovelies, 
Its safe to say I'm very stressed right now. I thought I'd felt stress and it turns out its nothing compared to how I'm feeling right now. I haven't slept for over 48 hours and its safe to say I'm running on empty now. Ohhh this is probably the best time to mention that next week I'm taking the week off. Well Ill be back on December the first to attempt blogmas this year. Anyway while I'm exhausted and can't sleep I thought it was the perfect time to tell you how I've been trying to relax.

Books |
My biggest escape from real life are books. Settling down with a good book is one of the best things for me. A chance to just lose myself in the world of someone new. To get attached to characters and create a face, voice and personality just from some words on a page. Oddly I love reading recipe books. Like home baking books, its so nice to see where inspiration came from for that bake.

Music |
When my life just seems so busy I go off into my own little world full of music and good lyrics. There's just so many songs that I adore because the lyrics are just so perfect. When I need to relax I tend to put on some Adele or just something quite soothing. Saying that, I've actually been loving the trolls soundtrack. Its just the perfect little pick me up and puts me in a much better mood.

Find your chummy |
Chummy, Best friend, friend or whatever you call them. Find them. I guarantee they will make you feel 100% better. My chummy' been like my little rock over the last few days, I'm not actually sure what I would have done without her. Chummy knows me better than most so she knows when somethings wrong, luckily she's been okay with being on hand when I need her lately.

Kalms |
For me Kalms work. They are a herbal tablet that gives relief for stress and things like that. I find that they do calm me down a little so for me they are something I have to keep with me. 

Productivity |
I haven't been able to sleep so I like to just keep busy. I find that going off into my little writing bubble has been helping me a lot lately. Granted what I've been writing hasn't been going online but its being stored away for another little project that I'm working on.

Bubble bath |
Bubbles baths are the best way for me to relax. I run a nice bath, pop a bath bomb in the water and just spend a good hour in a warm bath with a face mask on. Its just nice to have that time to let all the stress just wash away and to just have some time to think.

Candles |
When I'm feeling super stressed I like to just turn off all the lights and have my candles burning. Nothing relaxes me more than see the flicker of a flame as its light dances. It's just a little focus that takes my mind to another place. Also I love them smell of just gone out candles. A little weird but its just something that I like.

Hot chocolates |
A comfort drink for me and I have to go all out. Milky hot chocolate which marshmallow floss, whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa and a drizzle of caramel. The perfect little pick me up after a stressful day.

Blanket forts |
A few weeks ago I had a rather weepy day. I spent that day in a fort of blankets and pillows and it was just magical. Chummy called and I just laid my phone on my pillow to talk to her. I didn't want to move and I didn't have to. I was snuggled in a cosy little blanket and life seemed perfect.

Cuddles |
Hugs always make me feel less stressed. Unfortunately chummy isn't a hugger so mum is the one I go to. Nothing cheers me up more than a hug, it just feels safe. Like nothing bad can happen and you just feel so loved in that moment. So chummy if you're reading this.......a hug will help me sometimes. Even a baymax one haha.

So that's a little list of things I do or need to relax. I'm now off for a cinema trip with chummy and her bf. I like to think he's become one of my friends as well, I mean he's sort of stuck with me anyway because of chummy haha.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Monthly Favourites | October 2016

Hello lovelies,
A very late monthly favourites for you. As you know, life's been a little hectic lately. I've fallen a little behind on the blog and I sort of needed that little break. A break from writing was needed, I'm not sure why but I just needed a clear head. I like to think that I've got that now. Now lets get on with this post shall we.

Beauty |
A beauty favourite of mine has been the benefit gimme brow gel. I got this free in a magazine which was actually such a good deal. This just adds more volume to the eyebrows making them a little more defined. I have quite thick brows but its good to fill in the parts that are a little less prominent. I really love this and I might actually get one when my one runs out. I've worn it quite a few times and I just think it make them look a bit more shapely as well.

Album |
Joanne! I'm a very big fan of Lady Gaga and she was back with her latest album. This was very much like the Adele album in the respect that I loved every single song. I love the direction this albums taken, its a little more country and I really like that.  Some of my favourite's are Joanne, sinners prayer, grigio girls and angel down. 

Song |
My favourite song has changed so much this month. I would have to say that in the end it was Joanne. I just adore the lyrics to this and I think at one point in the month some of the lyrics hit me quite hard. I know what the songs about but to me it struck a chord that was completely different. The line I fell in love with was 
"Honestly, I know where you're going' 
And baby, you're just movin' on 
And I'll still love you even if I can't 
See you anymore 
Can't wait to see you soar.
I'm not sure why but its just such a lovely part of the song. I guess we all have situations in life that hit us hard, lyrics that are intended for another reason can somehow seem quite fitting.

Book |
I've been loving girl boss. I just find it really interesting and quite empowering a little bit. Ive been dipping in and out of it for a few weeks, its just a very good book to get engrossed in. Plus it looks pretty cute in instagram pictures haha.

Film |
Me before you was my favourite film of the month. I loved the book and I'd been waiting to see the film. They did it just perfectly in my eyes, they got the characters just right and turned such a beautifully heartbreaking story into the most amazing film. I cried several times during the film much like I did with the book.

Clothing |
My scarf. A very odd one I know but since its got much colder I've had to start preparing for winter. That means my chunky purple scarf comes with my everywhere. Its just so warm and cosy, and weirdly has the smell of sherbet which I really like. I'm not sure why it smells like it but I love it.

Moment |
My favourite moment? This is hard because there have been a few moments that have felt quite special. It seems like all my favourite moments involve my chummy and this month is no different. We had a chummy crafting day a few weeks ago and it was just really fun. I'm pretty sure that was in October. I don't even know if I'm honest. But that was just such a fun day. We had snacks, trips to craft stores and just a good giggle.