Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What Happened Last Week | September 26th- October 2nd

Hello lovelies,
Last week was amazing. I had three brilliant nights at the start of the week and I can't wait to tell you all about the week.

Monday 26th |
The start of three nights seeing my favourite band. Yes I was heading into London for the first of three amazing nights seeing McFly. I was going with my chummy and her boyfriend. This is someone that I find hard to be around, I just find it weird because he's someone that I wouldn't normally talk to. He's lovely but I just always feel in the way whenever he's around. It actually wasn't that bad, it was more of a chummy adventure that he happened to be tagging along on. I'm sort of glad it was that way, I wanted to feel as comfortable as I could when seeing my favourite band. On the first night I got myself all three wristbands and my tour programme.

Tuesday 27th |
The second night of McFly and this time we left a bit earlier and got KFC beforehand. We got in the queue pretty early so we played Harry Potter trivial pursuit. Now I'm not going to say a lot about what happened because I'll be doing posts all about McFly's tour. On this night I got my tour top, keyring and my poster. Now the train home was rather eventful. I needs ended up having a little panic attack but just sort of kept quiet. The stress that we may have ended up stuck in London was just getting to me.

Wednesday 28th |
The final night of McFly and this was the night that felt like a proper chummy night. We had a nice weatherspoons lunch, all wore out tour tops and actually ended up having the best day. The three nights at McFly were amazing and I'm so happy I got to see my favourite band with my chummy. When I got home I just crashed out, I was exhausted after so many late nights.

Thursday 29th |
Back to reality and I had the late shift. It was okay but I had a night of being told how to do my job which wasn't fun. It was nice to just be back to reality though. I met the new woman at work, I knew I had to introduce myself to her but I didn't really know how to go about it. I'm very much myself at work and I was nervous as to what she would think of me. I asked another woman to come with me to say hello. Now I can't really work her out, maybe it'll just take some time to adjust to her. 

Friday 30th |
Work was pretty good to be fair. I had a day with my chummy which was nice. My favourite days at work are with her, the days just go a little faster with her and it's nice to have someone to have a good giggle with. My night was spent writing and snuggled in my bed. I just needed a little time to just chill on my own.

Saturday 1st |
A full day at work and this was a little draining. I was an emotional wreck half of the day, tears were shed over several sandwiches. Work was okay but it just seemed like it would never end. The new girl started and she seems really nice. I just found it very hard to talk to her, I think I was just worried that I would come across a little to strong. My chummy was a bit sad and it killed me a little, I hate seeing her sad but much like me I know the when she's sad she needs to be on her own. After work we both headed out to the pub. Got very drunk at the pub and then went to a club. It was a good night but I really don't remember a thing. It worried me that when I got in I don't remember anything. Our night out was fun, originally it was just me and chummy but her boyfriend ended up coming with us. I didn't mind but it just seems like any plans I suggest making lately, it's always can I bring him. Of course I don't mind but sometimes it's nice to just talk about everything without having to be cautious about what I'm saying. Now I know that will probably annoy her. I honestly don't mind but obviously there's stuff that I talk about that he doesn't know about, well at least I hope he doesn't know. Things that are going on in my head that I need to tell her, I just worry that the most fragile part of me is going to be news to him as well Also I still feel a little in the way sometimes.

Sunday 2nd |
On Sunday I woke up feeling very ill. I'm aware it was because of the amount of alcohol I drank but I'm never a sicky drunk. Now woke just seemed to drag so much. It was just never ending and it was basically me and chummy feeling sorry for ourselves all day. I was just looking forward to my bed and the minute I got home I got into it. I also realised that the monthly visitor had arrived. This time I felt so ill with it. I spent my night crying in agony because I was the worlds worst cramps. They haven't been this bad in ages but I just curled up in a ball of warmth to try and make myself feel better. 

Anyway that was the week. I know I've been snappy with the people I love the most this week. I honestly didn't mean it but sometimes I just to be able to go into a meltdown, I want to be able to tell someone something without them getting annoyed at what I have to say. The relationships I have with people at the minute are built on honesty and it just feels like lately I've had to just hold back.