Monday, 10 October 2016

What happened Last Week | October 3rd - 8th

Hello lovelies,
Last week I was very quiet on the blog. I just felt like I needed a little space for myself. Life's been so hectic lately and I just felt like I wanted some space in the real world for a bit. Now last week was pretty good if I'm honest with you. So lets have a little look at what happened last week.

Monday 3rd |
Means girls day and I had the day off. Not for means girls day but I was just scheduled the day off. Now I did nothing with my day. I wasted it and I'm a little sad that I wasted it. I should have spent it being productive and getting lots of writing done. Instead I just felt a little lost. I think it just hit me that everyone else has their lives sorted. I don't and it freaked the shit out of me. I did find out that my uncle booked a nice little weekend away for all of us. I cant wait, a weekend with the people i love the most. Family time that is much needed.

Tuesday 4th |
Back to work for me and it was a pretty decent day. I had a mid shift and I actually enjoyed it. I hardly ever get them any more so it was nice to play with the daytime people. Its basically been a play day for me and one of my favourite ladies all week. Oh and in the morning me and chummy got all the Muppet's tsum tsums. Another load to add to our already full tsum tsum frames. My evening was spent all snuggled in my bed. I had a little weep, I let a lot get to me but after a little cry I was okay.

Wednesday 5th |
Another 11-4 at work and it was awful. We had no staff on and one of that woman needed her break. That meant me running better two points, it was fine but after calling the mangers several times and waiting them ignore the call I'd had enough. A customer was really rude to me so I ran out the back and just sobbed. Also this was in front of chummy's boyfriend. He was helping in our department for a bit and it had all got to much for me. After several cuddles from the woman I work with I was ready to face it all again. After weeping at work I had a nice zumba class in the evening. Time with my chummy was all I needed. I finally got to give L his present form Disney. Its dawning on me that he only really has a few people who he likes to talk to, the rest just sort of get pushed to one side. Which is fine, he's busy but I just need to stop trying for a bit. The more "I'm busy sorry" messages I get, the more disheartened I get. 

Anyway it was nice to see them both but the chummy time really helped. Like I see chummy a lot at work but outside of work, well lately most times I see chummy her boyfriends there as well. That's fine but sometimes its nice to just have girl time. I just needed that and its nice to just be able to talk about anything without having to control what I say.

Thursday 6th |
I got to see my aunt in the morning and I loved that time. She's one of the most important woman in my life and any time spent with her, well its my favourite time. Work was a bit shit. I mean it was fine, then chummy left and then it got a little better. Me and my favourite lady were in a rather mischievous mood so just played for a while. My night was pretty relaxed, I got to just snuggle in my bed and just take a little bit of time for myself. 

Friday 7th |
My morning was spent with my chummy. A little bit of shopping, only in the town but it was just nice to go out make up shopping. We also went for lunch. We were joined because chummys boyfriend was on his break, again I didn't mind but it was just them making plans while I was just there feeling like I was in the way. There was something I needed to talk to chummy about but just as I was going to he came over. Its something I just need to keep to myself, I mean its something I don't really think anyone can help with. I guess I just needed her advice. Anyway it doesn't matter. I had work in the evening and it was actually a pretty decent shift.

Saturday 8th |
My morning was alright but I had work at 2:30. Now my shift was actually very good, it was pretty dead most of the night. I had a few decent conversations with one of the guys I work with. He's normally very quiet but lately he's been a little bit more chatty with me. Its nice to talk to him more, normally he sees me and the other guy constantly chatting so Its nice that he wants to chat more. The new girl also was a little more chatty and its apparent that she is like me and chummy. A thought that my manager will hate because we are very over the top when we're together haha. 

Sunday 9th |
A rare Sunday off for me and it was blissful. Now over the last few months my Sunday's have been chummy days. So it was odd not having my chummy by my side. I got all my bedroom sorted out and cleaned. Now luckily for me my chummy called me on every break she had. It was nice to get the gossip on what was happening while I wasn't there. I spent my night writing and listening to good music and planning a very chummy day for Monday.

So that's everything that happened last week. It tuned out to be a pretty good week, a few tears along the way but all in all......pretty good. I can't wait for Monday so today. I day of fun with my chummy. I've also got so many fun things coming up, more family time which I am just so happy about.