Monday, 17 October 2016

What Happened Last Week | October 10th-16th

Hello lovelies,
Last week was very good. Life's been a throwing me a mix of highs and lows lately but last week, well it was just an all round good week. Now lets have a little look into my boring little life last week. Grab some tea, biscuits and get snuggled under a nice blanket.

Monday |
On Monday I had a rather nice chummy day. It was nice to just have a chummy day, no distractions, no work or worries of life. Just me and chummy spending the day in fits of laughter, making ghost trains with mummies that have erections and making friendship bracelets. Yes you read right, mummies with erections, we're adults with very smutty minds. We went for dinner at the harvester, I ordered something and they gave me the to share platter. Like I wasn't impressed but luckily it got sorted, but I hardly touched my meal because of this monumental cock up. We then had a lovely drive, ate mcflurry's in a car park and accidentally (I use that term loosely, we may have known they'd be there) seen chummy's boyfriends friends at the football. What can I say, he didn't reply to me but he looks bloody lovely after a sweaty football session haha.

Tuesday |
I had another day off and I just got a little bit of life admin done. It wasn't the most thrilling day but it was nice to just be able to have a little time to just lounge around the house. Ohhh I got my blog post written about the lush halloween range and spent the day catching up on youtube videos. It was actually a pretty chilled out day, something I think I've been needing for a while. A day to have some down time.

Wednesday |
 It was back to work for me on Wednesday and I had an earlyish start. I was doing an 8-1:15 which was nice, it meant after work I had a lot of free time before Zumba. When I got back from work I made meringue kisses, I will be doing a post on how to make these little sugary delicious treats. I had a very good zumba class, I think I pulled something though because all of my arm was killing me. I had a little panic attack on the way home because I saw a clown. It's okay, it didnt come near me but I was terrified. Oh and chummys boyfriend tried to get us tickets for busted. Now it wasnt just for me and chummy, it was for L as well. We were both at work so couldnt get them. He got us VIP!!!!!! But just the upgrades.......yep. I was seething but had to sort of keep calm, anyway I'm grateful he tried but the thought that we had all paid £45 for something we couldn't even use was killing me. 

Thursday |
I tired to get busted tickets on the pre-sale but I wasn't in luck, I was a little annoyed because I still hadnt fixed the little issue we were in. Work and it was pretty decent and 10-3:15. I basically spent the day playing with chummy and another woman. It was just a very chilled out day, a busy day but nice and chilled out. I got myself me before you on blu ray after work. I still hadn't seen the film and wanted to compare to a book that I have so much love for. I watched it that night and oh my, I was weeping. They have made it so beautifully and I just loved it. 

Friday |
General sale of Busted. I had all my tabs open. My phone, iPad and mac at the ready to get these tickets. Just before 9 my internet crashed, work called and I was trying to do my make up. I managed to get 4 standing tickets for the cliffs show whilst on the phone to the duty manager at work. Anyway he called me in for a full day so I got to work, chatted with chummy and waddled over for my shift. It was pretty good until chummy left. I was stuck on a close with a woman that did fuck all and then left me and the other lady on our own, didn't offer to stay and help. That meant we got out late. It was fine though, I went home, had a bath and just relaxed for a little before bed.

Saturday |
I had a nice morning just watching rubbish TV then went into work. I had to start a little earlier but I didnt really mind. I got to see one of my favourite guys, the way our shifts have been going I havent seen him in ages. It was nice to have a little chat before he left. My late was pretty decent, we got everything done and were done pretty early. My night was spent snuggled in my bed watching casualty. 

Sunday |
A Sunday fun day at work and it was without my chummy. I'm used to a seeing a few people on sunday but sadly she had the day off. Now it was actually such a fun day, basically me and chumster pissing about all day keeping away from the customers. Him finding out something about me that he found slightly odd yet fun. Its odd that he knows that now, considering this is the boy I had a little thing for last year, its odd he knows this little fact about me. It was just a very chilled out shift, my manager was in a pretty good mood, we basically spent the day taking the piss out of the things that were annoying us about the new people. That sounds horrible but they just don't do anything. My night was filled with blog writing and busted songs.

It's been a pretty good week for me. I can go through a lot of emotions sometimes and I'm aware that it can be rather annoying for those around me. This weeks been a good week and I really hope that continues.