Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Rainbow Meringue Kisses |

Hello lovelies,
A baking post today and I wanted to show you hot o amen these lovely little meringue kisses. These are so simple to make and they taste like little drops of heaven.

Ingredients |
150g egg white.
300g caster sugar.
Food colour gels.

Step 1 |
Use some kitchen roll covered in vinegar to clean a mixing bowl. This just makes sure its completely clean. Do this to your whisk as well. 

Step 2 |
Separate 150g of egg white. If any shell or yolk get in this then start again. 

Step 3 |
Use a mixer or a whisk to mix the egg white until it goes frothy. When its frothy put the mixer on full speed.

Step 4 |
When the egg whites are at thick peaks and glossy, keep it mixing and gradually add 300g of caster sugar. Keep this mixing and do this until the mix is smooth and glossy. 

Step 5 |
Pop your food colour gels on a plate and grab a paint brush. Now open your piping back and fold it over. Use your gels to paint lines of colour in the piping bag. Make sure the colours don't touch.

Step 6 |
Carefully fill the piping bag with the meringue and then pipe a bit out to get the colour coming through.

Step 7 |
Pipe onto greaseproof paper. Snip the end of the nozzle and then hold above paper, start piping and then push down and lift it off. Use a wet finger to put the points down. Now cover them in sprinkles and bake at 100c for 35-40 minutes. When you can lift them off the paper they are done. Leave to cool and then enjoy these little kisses.

If you want to save some then pop them in an air tight container.

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