Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Happy Early Birthday Chummy |

Hello lovelies,
Today is the post that was suppose to go up Friday. Now I've had to do a switch around, chummy's getting her cake on Thursday, the baking post went up on Wednesday. You can see the dilemma. Anyway today is a very soppy birthday post for my chummy. If you want to read the cheesiness then stick around.

Chummy. A girl who I've known for not even two years yet throughout the years our paths have crossed and we didn't even know it. It was almost like our odd little friendship was meant to be. It feels like year has gone so quickly but its honestly been the best year of my life. Filled with new friends and many an adventure. Chummy has not only brought with her herself but he wonderful best friend L. Because of her I have him in my world now, he's another friend that is honestly the best. 

I'm not sure how we got this close but I'm glad we did, I just remember a chat about wands and then this little friendship grew from there. Chummy you honestly are such an important part of my life, you've shown me what a true friend actually does, you go above and beyond for me when I need you to. From the little dramas to the silent heartbreaks you've been there by my side with McDonald's or just a shoulder to weep on. Like that time I had that boy trouble, you knew how down I got about it all and raced me to work and left me a gift bag with tsum tsums and biscuits in. 

Granted we have had our little tiffs but I'm glad we work things out in the end, I don't really fancy a world without my chummy now. You know too much and are far too much fun to let go out. From our little shopping trips to late night adventures, chummy time is always the best. You've pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that I can't even see it anymore, it was scary but fun. I needed to come out of it and I suppose its something we can giggle about now. 

I find it quite cute how we actually met when we were little bit didn't have a clue, everyone else has such a fun history with you and its kind of nice to know we have the fact we met as kids. I know I can be a handful sometimes, my over active brain and my tendency to take things the wrong way, my over bearing personality can be a bit full on. I know that, so thanks for sticking by me and still being up for random adventures. 

Disney was the thing I loved most. Our little adventures have been fantastic but sharing Disneyland with a fellow addict was the most magical. We still even managed to have an adventure before even getting into Disney. Much like the tweedles, we'll split up but we'll split up together. I'm not quite sure what the point of this post is. If anything its just a soppy little post to remind you just how much you mean to me, you're basically just like a sister to me now. Except one I actually get on with and just adore. 

Chummy thanks for bringing me out of my bubble and showing me that the world can be so much fun, filled with adventure and friends who turn into family. I hope you have the most amazing 21st birthday, get treated like the princess you are and I cant wait to see you on Saturday for the most epic party. Filled with cakes, un-necessary sandwiches your mothers purchased, cats and plenty of alcohol. 

I love you lots chummy, 
Love chummy, tweedledum, soulmate and less commonly known to you as Chloe (Eww my name!)

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