Monday, 31 October 2016

What Happened Last Week |

Hello lovelies, 
A late what happened last week today. I've spent today stressing that I've annoyed chummy. I know I have and I just need to know what I've said or done. Now the past week has been really stressful, stuffs happened that has just sent me into a little downward spiral. Now let's just get stuck into this post shall we'll

Monday |
The first day of my blissful week off. Now I had a little shopping day planned with my cousin. It was a nice day but she's just not very chatty, like I think she thought she'd have a really girly day but I think she was just a little disappointed. I didn't really buy much, just Joanne and Louise live. I also go the last minute bits for chummy's cake. It was a little weird not seeing chummy on Monday. Over the last few weeks it's sort of just been the day for full on chummy mode. 

Tuesday |
Tuesday was a day when I woke up and just felt a little out of it. I went to go and get some but for the cake I was baking and tried to tidy all my room. The afternoon was a little better, some chummy time was what I needed. I also admitted something to chummy that I didn't think I would. I still held back on the main reason for why I wanted to do what I was going to. It's not for the obvious reason she thinks, it's hard to explain purely because I feel like it's stupid, she just wouldn't get why I'd want to do that.

Wednesday |
A day full of baking. I spent the whole day baking chummy's birthday cake. A cake that I've been planning for months. Now it turned out okay to be honest. It didn't look brilliant but I was just so happy I'd managed it. I had a Zumba class in the evening which was pretty good, pretty sure I pulled a muscle but once I'd got home I just snuggled into bed and watched the bake off final.

Thursday |
On Thursday I had my chummy round for an early birthday present day. I knew I wouldn't see her on her actual birthday so I thought it would be fun to have cake and just spend some time with chummy. I think she liked her presents, well I hope she did. I just got her stuff that combined some of her favourite things, little things I hope she can treasure. Like the Elsa snow globe, she loves a snow globe and Elsa so I thought that was a winner. We had a nice spot of lunch and then chummy left. Once chummy left I just needed to chill for a bit. I just felt a little empty, a feeling I've been trying to keep at bay for a while. I'm filling my time running around trying to please everyone else because it just distracts me from myself for a bit. That sounds depressing but it's true.

Friday |
A day full of stress and ending quite badly. I have 48 cupcakes to bake for chummy's birthday, one batch was a fail but it all got sorted. I just felt under so much pressure to get it right, to make sure they were perfect for chummy. My heads been in bad way for good few weeks and life got too much. I just found myself alone in my room, in the dark slipping back into a bad habit that took the pressure off. It's something I stopped but lately it's been happening more and more. Something that I'm starting to work through now so hopefully I can find a different way to deal with my mental pain. I crashed out so early, a day of tears was too much for me so off to sleep I went.

Saturday |
Party day!! I was up early getting ready, getting stuff organised for the party. I was round chummy's at nearly 3 but forgot my piping bags so my aunt came to the rescue. I got the cupcakes done and got to spent some time with chummy before the party. I was in no mood for a party, I keep my smiles on though because I wanted chummy to have a nice night. L came to the party but I didn't really get chance to talk to him, he was with a boy that I didn't really feel comfortable around. I got to spent the night with the guy from work, we did a lot of j├Ąger bombs and I get extremely drunk. I then went upstairs in tears. I don't know why I was upset, well I do but how could tell chummy why, how could I tell L and explain what's going on in my head. I have no reason to be sad but I found myself crying with him worrying about me. The people I needed proved to be there. I needed my best friends and they were there by my side. I went home.

Sunday |
I woke up feeling so ill. Messages from L seeing if I was okay, when he's worried he's on it with messages. He said he didn't care what it was but he said they were my best friends so they could help or try and understand. That meant more to me than anything else. I spent the day stressing that I'd upset chummy and just watching films. I watch Adams family values, corpse bride and hotel Transylvania. 

I came to a very clear understanding on Sunday that I shouldn't drink. I've said it before but Saturday proved it to me. I don't drink to get a little happy anymore. I drink to get drunk, to forget for a while and it always ends up with me in tears now. I just worry that one day I'll want to forget and the feeling of not being able to feel that stress will turn into a big problem for me. I also think I need to find better easy to deal with what's going on in my head. I know I'll be okay, I've done it before and I'll do it again. It's just this time it's taking longer. 

Chummy I'm sorry if I ruined your birthday. 

Lots of love,
Chloe xxx

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Happy Early Birthday Chummy |

Hello lovelies,
Today is the post that was suppose to go up Friday. Now I've had to do a switch around, chummy's getting her cake on Thursday, the baking post went up on Wednesday. You can see the dilemma. Anyway today is a very soppy birthday post for my chummy. If you want to read the cheesiness then stick around.

Chummy. A girl who I've known for not even two years yet throughout the years our paths have crossed and we didn't even know it. It was almost like our odd little friendship was meant to be. It feels like year has gone so quickly but its honestly been the best year of my life. Filled with new friends and many an adventure. Chummy has not only brought with her herself but he wonderful best friend L. Because of her I have him in my world now, he's another friend that is honestly the best. 

I'm not sure how we got this close but I'm glad we did, I just remember a chat about wands and then this little friendship grew from there. Chummy you honestly are such an important part of my life, you've shown me what a true friend actually does, you go above and beyond for me when I need you to. From the little dramas to the silent heartbreaks you've been there by my side with McDonald's or just a shoulder to weep on. Like that time I had that boy trouble, you knew how down I got about it all and raced me to work and left me a gift bag with tsum tsums and biscuits in. 

Granted we have had our little tiffs but I'm glad we work things out in the end, I don't really fancy a world without my chummy now. You know too much and are far too much fun to let go out. From our little shopping trips to late night adventures, chummy time is always the best. You've pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that I can't even see it anymore, it was scary but fun. I needed to come out of it and I suppose its something we can giggle about now. 

I find it quite cute how we actually met when we were little bit didn't have a clue, everyone else has such a fun history with you and its kind of nice to know we have the fact we met as kids. I know I can be a handful sometimes, my over active brain and my tendency to take things the wrong way, my over bearing personality can be a bit full on. I know that, so thanks for sticking by me and still being up for random adventures. 

Disney was the thing I loved most. Our little adventures have been fantastic but sharing Disneyland with a fellow addict was the most magical. We still even managed to have an adventure before even getting into Disney. Much like the tweedles, we'll split up but we'll split up together. I'm not quite sure what the point of this post is. If anything its just a soppy little post to remind you just how much you mean to me, you're basically just like a sister to me now. Except one I actually get on with and just adore. 

Chummy thanks for bringing me out of my bubble and showing me that the world can be so much fun, filled with adventure and friends who turn into family. I hope you have the most amazing 21st birthday, get treated like the princess you are and I cant wait to see you on Saturday for the most epic party. Filled with cakes, un-necessary sandwiches your mothers purchased, cats and plenty of alcohol. 

I love you lots chummy, 
Love chummy, tweedledum, soulmate and less commonly known to you as Chloe (Eww my name!)

Monday, 24 October 2016

What Happened Last Week | October 17th-23rd

Hello lovelies,
Last week was a little bit of an eye opener for me. It's also been the last week at work for me. I now have nine glorious days off from the hell I call works. It does feel a little odd, chummy thought I was moaning but I'm happy to have the week off. It's the thing that lately work has been such a big distraction from the shit of life, not being at work means I sort of have to face some stuff that I would much rather avoid. Anyway, enough of that. Lets have a little look at my week shall we, its not the most exciting but lets take a little look.

Monday |
Monday was a day where both me and chummy had a day off. Its a little rare now that me and chummy get days off together, the meant a fun chummy day again. We went out for lunch, nowhere special but we wanted to try the new McDonald's. It was pretty good, much better than the old one. We then went out for a very nice little shopping trip, hunted for the Aladdin pyjamas and then did a little make up shopping. We headed back to chummys, made box cake and just watched TV for a bit. We also tried on our Halloween outfit, I don't think her brothers liked it but we love it. Our night was spent just sitting in a car park eating unsalted fries and having a good chat. 

Tuesday |
I had an open up and I was actually looking forward to it. This one was with my manager, I did everything okay but it just felt a little odd. I had her watching my every move which was a little annoying. I know she just needed to see if I could do it but I knew I was okay. I had to stay a little later but after that I got to go home and get some stuff done. That meant tidy my room, get some blog posts written and just get all cosy with some candles on. In the evening I got a text from chummy saying the had hurt herself. She'd slipped at work, fell and cut all her finger. My poor chummy. 

Wednesday |
Another day off and I wasted it if I'm honest. I spent my day all cosy but then had to pop out to get ingredients for all the cakes I'm baking for chummys birthday. I did see L in there so naturally I stalked him round the shop until I bumped into him. He was with his brother who probably thought I was a little strange but I just needed to chat to him. Its been far too long since I've seen him. I got chummy a few little get well goodies that included some Halloween fake fingers.

Thursday |
Back to work and I had a late. It wasn't the best late but it was okay. I just had a lot going on and work was the last thing on my mind. I got in and just had a relaxing hour, had some dinner and had to go to bed early. I had a bit of a headache and a pretty early start.

Friday |
My day started at just gone 4. I had another early and this time I was on my own. It was actually okay, I forgot some stuff but I did my best. I actually like early shifts, its nice to be on my own for a bit. I saw chummy, went home and listened to the new Lady Gaga album, Joanna. Oh my goodness. Its fabulous. I spoke to chummy for a bit, waited in case work called me back and then had a nap. I had the worlds best nap. You know those naps that are just so perfect. Well it was one of those. That was about it for Friday.

Saturday | 
Work was okay, it wasn't the worst but wasn't the best. I actually offered to do the till, my ankle was hurting but I just wanted to be on my own for a bit. There's just a lot going on about that I cant tell anyone about, its just getting a bit too much for me. That's why I just wanted to be on my own. My night was the cosiest. I just snuggled myself in bed, watched some shows and tried to clear my head a little.

Sunday |
The last day at work before my week off. It wasn't busy but no staff meant it was a little stressful. I'd had a conversation in the morning that just shook me a little. Its probably nothing but its now playing on my mind, another worry I didn't really need. Not about one of the most important people in my life. I was fine but then someone said something that just made me go silent. I didn't want to talk, I was annoyed because I was just trying to help. I needed up walking around work in tears. The guy I work with noticed and told chummy, I just wanted to be on my own and or just big hug. Either one but nothing else. In the end chummy told me to just prep bacon for a bit. She then came over the dried my tears, she did good for someone who doesn't really deal well with tears. I know I let everything get to me, I just needed a hug. One of those hugs where no one says a word, just holds onto you so tightly that for a moment you feel safe. I didn't get that but that's what I needed. After work I just had a pretty nice night, snuggled in bed watching some films.

Ive got a pretty busy week coming up. Its my chummys 21st next week and I have a lot of things to do for it.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Rainbow Meringue Kisses |

Hello lovelies,
A baking post today and I wanted to show you hot o amen these lovely little meringue kisses. These are so simple to make and they taste like little drops of heaven.

Ingredients |
150g egg white.
300g caster sugar.
Food colour gels.

Step 1 |
Use some kitchen roll covered in vinegar to clean a mixing bowl. This just makes sure its completely clean. Do this to your whisk as well. 

Step 2 |
Separate 150g of egg white. If any shell or yolk get in this then start again. 

Step 3 |
Use a mixer or a whisk to mix the egg white until it goes frothy. When its frothy put the mixer on full speed.

Step 4 |
When the egg whites are at thick peaks and glossy, keep it mixing and gradually add 300g of caster sugar. Keep this mixing and do this until the mix is smooth and glossy. 

Step 5 |
Pop your food colour gels on a plate and grab a paint brush. Now open your piping back and fold it over. Use your gels to paint lines of colour in the piping bag. Make sure the colours don't touch.

Step 6 |
Carefully fill the piping bag with the meringue and then pipe a bit out to get the colour coming through.

Step 7 |
Pipe onto greaseproof paper. Snip the end of the nozzle and then hold above paper, start piping and then push down and lift it off. Use a wet finger to put the points down. Now cover them in sprinkles and bake at 100c for 35-40 minutes. When you can lift them off the paper they are done. Leave to cool and then enjoy these little kisses.

If you want to save some then pop them in an air tight container.

Monday, 17 October 2016

What Happened Last Week | October 10th-16th

Hello lovelies,
Last week was very good. Life's been a throwing me a mix of highs and lows lately but last week, well it was just an all round good week. Now lets have a little look into my boring little life last week. Grab some tea, biscuits and get snuggled under a nice blanket.

Monday |
On Monday I had a rather nice chummy day. It was nice to just have a chummy day, no distractions, no work or worries of life. Just me and chummy spending the day in fits of laughter, making ghost trains with mummies that have erections and making friendship bracelets. Yes you read right, mummies with erections, we're adults with very smutty minds. We went for dinner at the harvester, I ordered something and they gave me the to share platter. Like I wasn't impressed but luckily it got sorted, but I hardly touched my meal because of this monumental cock up. We then had a lovely drive, ate mcflurry's in a car park and accidentally (I use that term loosely, we may have known they'd be there) seen chummy's boyfriends friends at the football. What can I say, he didn't reply to me but he looks bloody lovely after a sweaty football session haha.

Tuesday |
I had another day off and I just got a little bit of life admin done. It wasn't the most thrilling day but it was nice to just be able to have a little time to just lounge around the house. Ohhh I got my blog post written about the lush halloween range and spent the day catching up on youtube videos. It was actually a pretty chilled out day, something I think I've been needing for a while. A day to have some down time.

Wednesday |
 It was back to work for me on Wednesday and I had an earlyish start. I was doing an 8-1:15 which was nice, it meant after work I had a lot of free time before Zumba. When I got back from work I made meringue kisses, I will be doing a post on how to make these little sugary delicious treats. I had a very good zumba class, I think I pulled something though because all of my arm was killing me. I had a little panic attack on the way home because I saw a clown. It's okay, it didnt come near me but I was terrified. Oh and chummys boyfriend tried to get us tickets for busted. Now it wasnt just for me and chummy, it was for L as well. We were both at work so couldnt get them. He got us VIP!!!!!! But just the upgrades.......yep. I was seething but had to sort of keep calm, anyway I'm grateful he tried but the thought that we had all paid £45 for something we couldn't even use was killing me. 

Thursday |
I tired to get busted tickets on the pre-sale but I wasn't in luck, I was a little annoyed because I still hadnt fixed the little issue we were in. Work and it was pretty decent and 10-3:15. I basically spent the day playing with chummy and another woman. It was just a very chilled out day, a busy day but nice and chilled out. I got myself me before you on blu ray after work. I still hadn't seen the film and wanted to compare to a book that I have so much love for. I watched it that night and oh my, I was weeping. They have made it so beautifully and I just loved it. 

Friday |
General sale of Busted. I had all my tabs open. My phone, iPad and mac at the ready to get these tickets. Just before 9 my internet crashed, work called and I was trying to do my make up. I managed to get 4 standing tickets for the cliffs show whilst on the phone to the duty manager at work. Anyway he called me in for a full day so I got to work, chatted with chummy and waddled over for my shift. It was pretty good until chummy left. I was stuck on a close with a woman that did fuck all and then left me and the other lady on our own, didn't offer to stay and help. That meant we got out late. It was fine though, I went home, had a bath and just relaxed for a little before bed.

Saturday |
I had a nice morning just watching rubbish TV then went into work. I had to start a little earlier but I didnt really mind. I got to see one of my favourite guys, the way our shifts have been going I havent seen him in ages. It was nice to have a little chat before he left. My late was pretty decent, we got everything done and were done pretty early. My night was spent snuggled in my bed watching casualty. 

Sunday |
A Sunday fun day at work and it was without my chummy. I'm used to a seeing a few people on sunday but sadly she had the day off. Now it was actually such a fun day, basically me and chumster pissing about all day keeping away from the customers. Him finding out something about me that he found slightly odd yet fun. Its odd that he knows that now, considering this is the boy I had a little thing for last year, its odd he knows this little fact about me. It was just a very chilled out shift, my manager was in a pretty good mood, we basically spent the day taking the piss out of the things that were annoying us about the new people. That sounds horrible but they just don't do anything. My night was filled with blog writing and busted songs.

It's been a pretty good week for me. I can go through a lot of emotions sometimes and I'm aware that it can be rather annoying for those around me. This weeks been a good week and I really hope that continues.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Word Vomit |

Hello lovelies,
So let's chat. Lately life's been full of happy little moments that I want to cherish but it's also been filled with moments that break my heart just a little. Now this is like my little mind palace on here, I can say anything without fear of judgement so for anyone who knows me, please don't hate me. Remember that this is just what's going on I my head.

Now it's been very hard over the last few months because I've been having to spend a lot of time with a couple. My chummy and I like our little adventures but I've had a lot going on that involves me, her and her boyfriend. He's a great guy of course he is but I find it hard to be around him. I don't know why, like he's a lovely guy and at McFly I was fine. I guess it's the thing that I'm just there. I'm tagging along to a couple thing when I know that he would rather I wasn't there, or at least thats how I think he sees it. I had to try so hard at McFly to not make it awkward for them, but it was so hard being the single one there when you can see little hand holds, cute little cuddles and things like that. What do I do in the situation. It didn't help that McFly hit at a rather hard time for me. I told chummy and she said she just didn't get it, I guess no one really does. I tell her everything but this one thing, well I had to hold a few things back. I didn't want to but for my own heart I had to. 

It's hard being on my own. I love my own company but it's hard when it's always just me, it seems like everyone else has someone to share the little moments with. Someone who fills their life with a little something that I just can't seem to find. I'm also realising that I am that annoying friend that's just always there. Something was shared on Facebook the other day, maybe it was aimed at me, maybe it wasn't. It just hit me at a time that I didn't need. I'm aware that I am a full on person. I get that I'm always there. I don't mean to be but I don't allow myself to be me around a lot of people. I only let the real me show to a handful of people, that's why I like to keep them close. I am trying to keep my distance but when I do that I'm worried that if I do it to much then I'll just become a face that they used to know. 

The little dramas of my life just seem pathetic to everyone else but to me it matters. If I lose something I panic, I don't understand why but it's just something I have to do. Most people in my life understand that this is a process my mind has to go through, it just seems like I'm having to force myself not to feel the panic that my mind naturally goes through. 

Blogging is also become a struggle. I love it. It's been part of my life for over two years, the two years that have been filled with heartbreak but also filled with the most amazing moments of my life. It's been my little saviour that pulls me back from doing silly things. I'm just a little stuck right now. My mind knows what I need but my heart knows what it wants. With that on my mind I'm finding it very hard to just focus. I'm now working 5 days a week. Something that my chummy does all the time, I guess I just need to adjust to that and manage my time a lot better. I don't do full days like chummy but I find it hard to manage my time.

Friends. There's still one person that I haven't seen since my birthday night. I know he's busy but it just seems like it's any excuse not to go out and catch up. I've become so used to company now that when I'm on my own I just get very down very quickly. I used to be on my own all the time and I hated spending time with people. Now the tables are turned and it's odd. I need to get back to enjoying my own time, it looks like that's how it's going to be from now on. I guess it's just weird because I've gone from being a very lonely person to having my life filled with people that genuinely make my little existence so much happier. It's odd when I'm not with them now.

I don't really get the point of this post. I'm just feeling like I'm missing something from my life at the minute. I don't know what it is, I've been fixated on getting in a relationship for months. I know that won't fix anything but having someone else in my life who cares about me seems like what I need. Someone who'll be there when I'm sad, happy and just someone to share things with. I'm not expecting a walk in the park relationship, I know it's not easy but just little comments lately are sort of making me want it more. 

Anyway soon I have a week off, I have stuff planned because it's chummy's birthday but I also have a nice shopping day planned with one of the most precious people in my life. I think it will do us good to have a girly day.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Lush Halloween | 2016

Hello lovelies,
I ha vent done a lush post in ages and its that time of the year again when the glorious ranges are released. Of course I got all the Halloween range I could. Now its time for a little post about the products out this year and my thoughts on them. If you want to get any of these products then click on the pictures and it'll take you to the lush page.

Monsters ball | £4.25
This adorable purple ball of fizz is just perfect. The smell of this is sweet and just makes me feel so happy. This has got lime oil in and that definitely comes through, it just smells like the taste of sprite. Like this is the perfect scent for me. This also has cocoa butter in it so I'm hoping this makes my skin feel a little better. 

Sparkly pumpkin | £3.95
The sparkly pumpkin is back for another year. This bubble bar adds a little glitz to your bath and adds the softest bubbles. I love the scent of this one, a mix of grapefruit and lime. Just crumble some of this little pumpkin under running water and let it turn your bath into a citrus paradise. 

Goth Fairy | £5.50
This lovely little shimmer bar is the sweetest thing. Its full of sparkle and I can't wait to start using this. Now again this one has lime and grapefruit oil in it so is perfect for any circus lover. It has almond oil in which is good for your hair and skin. Now I can't wait to use this when I go out, a night out is fun but think how fun it will be if I'm all shimmery and sparkling.

Pumpkin | 
The pumpkin bath ballistic just screams Halloween. A rather simple but delicious scent. This one just smells like a chocolaty vanilla. This is just divine and I'm just a little over excited to pop this in my bath. Its also got a little hint of spice to it that really warms you up. This one is just autumn in a bath bomb.

Boo | £3.50
This spooky little bath melt is a must have for any lush lover. This one is full of cocoa butter and ginger oil. I just know that this one is going to work wonders on my skin. This has quite an earth scent which is a nice change, the other ones are great but very sweet. Its nice to have one that's a little less over powering.

Autumn leaf | £3.75
Autumn leaf, now I'm aware the picture is rather different to the others. I forgot to take the picture so rushed to do it, sorry guys. Now this one is just perfect to me. Its like man scent, like of lynx and it is just heavenly. Its basically sandalwood but its just a really nice musky tone and apparently I'm loving those lately.

Monday, 10 October 2016

What happened Last Week | October 3rd - 8th

Hello lovelies,
Last week I was very quiet on the blog. I just felt like I needed a little space for myself. Life's been so hectic lately and I just felt like I wanted some space in the real world for a bit. Now last week was pretty good if I'm honest with you. So lets have a little look at what happened last week.

Monday 3rd |
Means girls day and I had the day off. Not for means girls day but I was just scheduled the day off. Now I did nothing with my day. I wasted it and I'm a little sad that I wasted it. I should have spent it being productive and getting lots of writing done. Instead I just felt a little lost. I think it just hit me that everyone else has their lives sorted. I don't and it freaked the shit out of me. I did find out that my uncle booked a nice little weekend away for all of us. I cant wait, a weekend with the people i love the most. Family time that is much needed.

Tuesday 4th |
Back to work for me and it was a pretty decent day. I had a mid shift and I actually enjoyed it. I hardly ever get them any more so it was nice to play with the daytime people. Its basically been a play day for me and one of my favourite ladies all week. Oh and in the morning me and chummy got all the Muppet's tsum tsums. Another load to add to our already full tsum tsum frames. My evening was spent all snuggled in my bed. I had a little weep, I let a lot get to me but after a little cry I was okay.

Wednesday 5th |
Another 11-4 at work and it was awful. We had no staff on and one of that woman needed her break. That meant me running better two points, it was fine but after calling the mangers several times and waiting them ignore the call I'd had enough. A customer was really rude to me so I ran out the back and just sobbed. Also this was in front of chummy's boyfriend. He was helping in our department for a bit and it had all got to much for me. After several cuddles from the woman I work with I was ready to face it all again. After weeping at work I had a nice zumba class in the evening. Time with my chummy was all I needed. I finally got to give L his present form Disney. Its dawning on me that he only really has a few people who he likes to talk to, the rest just sort of get pushed to one side. Which is fine, he's busy but I just need to stop trying for a bit. The more "I'm busy sorry" messages I get, the more disheartened I get. 

Anyway it was nice to see them both but the chummy time really helped. Like I see chummy a lot at work but outside of work, well lately most times I see chummy her boyfriends there as well. That's fine but sometimes its nice to just have girl time. I just needed that and its nice to just be able to talk about anything without having to control what I say.

Thursday 6th |
I got to see my aunt in the morning and I loved that time. She's one of the most important woman in my life and any time spent with her, well its my favourite time. Work was a bit shit. I mean it was fine, then chummy left and then it got a little better. Me and my favourite lady were in a rather mischievous mood so just played for a while. My night was pretty relaxed, I got to just snuggle in my bed and just take a little bit of time for myself. 

Friday 7th |
My morning was spent with my chummy. A little bit of shopping, only in the town but it was just nice to go out make up shopping. We also went for lunch. We were joined because chummys boyfriend was on his break, again I didn't mind but it was just them making plans while I was just there feeling like I was in the way. There was something I needed to talk to chummy about but just as I was going to he came over. Its something I just need to keep to myself, I mean its something I don't really think anyone can help with. I guess I just needed her advice. Anyway it doesn't matter. I had work in the evening and it was actually a pretty decent shift.

Saturday 8th |
My morning was alright but I had work at 2:30. Now my shift was actually very good, it was pretty dead most of the night. I had a few decent conversations with one of the guys I work with. He's normally very quiet but lately he's been a little bit more chatty with me. Its nice to talk to him more, normally he sees me and the other guy constantly chatting so Its nice that he wants to chat more. The new girl also was a little more chatty and its apparent that she is like me and chummy. A thought that my manager will hate because we are very over the top when we're together haha. 

Sunday 9th |
A rare Sunday off for me and it was blissful. Now over the last few months my Sunday's have been chummy days. So it was odd not having my chummy by my side. I got all my bedroom sorted out and cleaned. Now luckily for me my chummy called me on every break she had. It was nice to get the gossip on what was happening while I wasn't there. I spent my night writing and listening to good music and planning a very chummy day for Monday.

So that's everything that happened last week. It tuned out to be a pretty good week, a few tears along the way but all in all......pretty good. I can't wait for Monday so today. I day of fun with my chummy. I've also got so many fun things coming up, more family time which I am just so happy about.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

What Happened Last Week | September 26th- October 2nd

Hello lovelies,
Last week was amazing. I had three brilliant nights at the start of the week and I can't wait to tell you all about the week.

Monday 26th |
The start of three nights seeing my favourite band. Yes I was heading into London for the first of three amazing nights seeing McFly. I was going with my chummy and her boyfriend. This is someone that I find hard to be around, I just find it weird because he's someone that I wouldn't normally talk to. He's lovely but I just always feel in the way whenever he's around. It actually wasn't that bad, it was more of a chummy adventure that he happened to be tagging along on. I'm sort of glad it was that way, I wanted to feel as comfortable as I could when seeing my favourite band. On the first night I got myself all three wristbands and my tour programme.

Tuesday 27th |
The second night of McFly and this time we left a bit earlier and got KFC beforehand. We got in the queue pretty early so we played Harry Potter trivial pursuit. Now I'm not going to say a lot about what happened because I'll be doing posts all about McFly's tour. On this night I got my tour top, keyring and my poster. Now the train home was rather eventful. I needs ended up having a little panic attack but just sort of kept quiet. The stress that we may have ended up stuck in London was just getting to me.

Wednesday 28th |
The final night of McFly and this was the night that felt like a proper chummy night. We had a nice weatherspoons lunch, all wore out tour tops and actually ended up having the best day. The three nights at McFly were amazing and I'm so happy I got to see my favourite band with my chummy. When I got home I just crashed out, I was exhausted after so many late nights.

Thursday 29th |
Back to reality and I had the late shift. It was okay but I had a night of being told how to do my job which wasn't fun. It was nice to just be back to reality though. I met the new woman at work, I knew I had to introduce myself to her but I didn't really know how to go about it. I'm very much myself at work and I was nervous as to what she would think of me. I asked another woman to come with me to say hello. Now I can't really work her out, maybe it'll just take some time to adjust to her. 

Friday 30th |
Work was pretty good to be fair. I had a day with my chummy which was nice. My favourite days at work are with her, the days just go a little faster with her and it's nice to have someone to have a good giggle with. My night was spent writing and snuggled in my bed. I just needed a little time to just chill on my own.

Saturday 1st |
A full day at work and this was a little draining. I was an emotional wreck half of the day, tears were shed over several sandwiches. Work was okay but it just seemed like it would never end. The new girl started and she seems really nice. I just found it very hard to talk to her, I think I was just worried that I would come across a little to strong. My chummy was a bit sad and it killed me a little, I hate seeing her sad but much like me I know the when she's sad she needs to be on her own. After work we both headed out to the pub. Got very drunk at the pub and then went to a club. It was a good night but I really don't remember a thing. It worried me that when I got in I don't remember anything. Our night out was fun, originally it was just me and chummy but her boyfriend ended up coming with us. I didn't mind but it just seems like any plans I suggest making lately, it's always can I bring him. Of course I don't mind but sometimes it's nice to just talk about everything without having to be cautious about what I'm saying. Now I know that will probably annoy her. I honestly don't mind but obviously there's stuff that I talk about that he doesn't know about, well at least I hope he doesn't know. Things that are going on in my head that I need to tell her, I just worry that the most fragile part of me is going to be news to him as well Also I still feel a little in the way sometimes.

Sunday 2nd |
On Sunday I woke up feeling very ill. I'm aware it was because of the amount of alcohol I drank but I'm never a sicky drunk. Now woke just seemed to drag so much. It was just never ending and it was basically me and chummy feeling sorry for ourselves all day. I was just looking forward to my bed and the minute I got home I got into it. I also realised that the monthly visitor had arrived. This time I felt so ill with it. I spent my night crying in agony because I was the worlds worst cramps. They haven't been this bad in ages but I just curled up in a ball of warmth to try and make myself feel better. 

Anyway that was the week. I know I've been snappy with the people I love the most this week. I honestly didn't mean it but sometimes I just to be able to go into a meltdown, I want to be able to tell someone something without them getting annoyed at what I have to say. The relationships I have with people at the minute are built on honesty and it just feels like lately I've had to just hold back.