Monday, 19 September 2016

What Happened Last Week | September 12th-18th

Hello lovelies,
The last week has actually been so much fun. The week had a bit of a shit day on Monday but since then its like my happiness has just soared a little. Oh and yes I didn't try and censor my swearing. Louise Pentlands video about showing the Internet the uncensored version of herself made me think, that's why I'm not bothering censoring it anymore. I tell you all every little detail of my life so why bother censoring swearing. Anyway onto what happened last week.

Monday 12th |
Well on Monday I finally realised that I'd been dealing with a fuck boy. Now my chummy and chumster warned me but when I'm told not to do something......well I like to play it out to see if I'm right. They were right. He was a dick and I'm just so happy that my planned little date with this dick didn't go ahead. There will be a nice juicy post all about this situation soon. It's funny now but I think I'm deifnfiely done with men for a while. My focus is me now because I'm done with it all for now. Anyway I went out, got all my snazzy ribbons and bows for chummys presents. It's my lovely chummy's 21st soon and I needed to re-wrap her stuff. I'm very anal with my wrapping so I wanted it to be perfect.

I won't lie. I had a little cry, not at my wrapping. It was good but not that good, I wept about the fuck boy thing. Now I take a lot but there is one trigger with me that will have me with tears and he played on that. Never bring up someone, who to me is my first love. To me someone is and no one can say other wise. Never tell me it wasn't because I'm the only one who has that feeling so the minute you bring him into it.....the minute I'll ignore you and pretend you don't exist. Like it's just a big no, don't bring in the guy who is still the love of my far and my old best friend. It just doesn't sit well with me.

Tuesday 13th |
I was back to work on Tuesday and I had a late with my manager. She's a lovely woman but I have a lot of short cuts. She doesn't really mind to be honest. Now it actually went pretty quick and I managed to get myself a few more hours later in the week. At the minute mine and chummy's shifts have been split up a bit. I think she's tried to split us up on purpose, it has meant I haven't seen her as much but I think my manager thought I'd just be silent without her. I was fine, it's been nice to have play time with the others. Of course no one will beat my partner in crime but I've been basically buddied with one of my favourite ladies this week so it's been pretty fun.

Wednesday 14th |
A day off again and I did nothing. Actually no I had the most epic day that I'm very proud of. I spent my whole day snuggled in my bed watching Disney films. I watched the rest of hunchback, princess and the frog again and then brave. I hadn't seen brave but my god, it was amazing. I went to my Zumba class in the evening, much to everyone's surprise. I don't think chummy thought I'd go but I just needed that stress relief so I went along on my own. She was at work and chummy won't always be able to go to them. I needed to adult on my own and I'm so glad I did. I worked up such a sweat and felt so good after it.

Thursday 15th |
Back to work for me and I had a pretty good shift. I was doing a 12-6 and it was actually a pretty fun shift. Maybe because it was the first time I'd seen chummy that week but it was just nice to be busy. I think I've been looking for distractions lately, hence why work has been good for me. I ended at 6, came home and just got a little bit of writing done. I had a pretty early night because I was up early for work the next day.

Friday 16th |
My managers been wanting to teach me the open up for a while, now there are only to people who do them she needs the extra help. Now me and my favourite lady were being taught how to do it. Now to be honest I know half of it from when I've done full days with chummy on sunday, I just needed to know the rest. This was basically my close down in reverse with a some more paperwork. It was so much fun, I know it won't be like that all the time but it was basically me and this woman having a good giggle and playing supermarket sweep much to the annoyance of the duty manager. The rest of my day was just playing and my manager gave me a bit of a break and put me on a pretty easy job.

My night was really nice. I had a lovely bubble bath and just took some me time. I got the calm app which is very good to help me unwind and meditate. I dont do the whole "hmmmmmm" meditation stuff, yes thats the term I'm using. I just laid on my bed, chose the crackling fire scene and laid there. Emptied my mind for a bit and let every little stress just float away. I've been finding little distractions over the last week to take my mind of the shit of life but it turns out I need to just deal with it and let it go. I went to bed feeling so refreshed.

Saturday 17th |
Another full day at work and I started a 9. It was awful in the morning but everything calmed down a little. I spent the day trying to hide from chumster because the week before he frightened the life out of me, he now finds it rather fun to spook me. Anyway near the end of chumsters shift my manager told him his contract had been upped, I was happy for him but a little jealous. We've both wanted our hours upped for a while now, luckily she then told me I've been upped from 16 to 25. Its not full time but I'm so happy. To be fair I dont know how I would juggle everything at full time. I know I don't have a boyfriend to see, like I dont know how chummy manages a full time job, family, relationship, friends and everything else. 25 means I can start saving more and I still have time to focus on my blog.

I had a pretty sociable break though. I saw chummy's mum so she wanted me to sit with her and chat about chummys 21st party and what I'm doing. When I thought I had some me time chummys boyfriend came and sat with me. I didn't really mind but I was just trying to eat my lunch, haha. He's a lovely boy bless him and I know I need to make more of an effort for chummy. It was nice to have a good 40 minutes of chat just the two of us. He needs to get used to me as much as I need to get used to him haha. When I got home I crashed out so early.

Sunday 18th |
Sunday for that most playful day I've had at work in ages. It was a bit hectic in the morning but after a good giggle with my sunday people I was in such a happier mood. Once again chumster made it his mission to frighten me. He made me jump a few times but then frighten the life out of me later on in the day. He snuck up on me from the corner of the oven and grabbed me, also he has a very tight grip so it frightened the life out of me. I now also have handprint marks on my arm where he grabbed me, last time he did that he rubbed my arm to apologise but he was just in fits of laughter today that he had finally got me. Anyway it just seemed like a pretty chilled out day. I got to see my aunt in the evening and have a nice little catch up and then spent my night listening to brilliant music and in my own little writing bubble.

Anyway thats what happened last week. A pretty good week and next week I'm hoping it gets much better. No more talk of fuckboys and time to focus on family, friends and my job.

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