Friday, 30 September 2016

Monthly favourites | September 2016

Hello lovelies,
It's that time again when I get to share all my favourites for the month. The past month had been full of the most incredible highs and a few lows. I like to think that the highs definitely beat the lows though. So lets get this started shall we.

Beauty |
My beauty favourite this month has been my concealer. I've felt exhausted this month and the bags under my eyes have gotten a little darker. My concealer has been like my best friend this month. Its been perfectly covering my dark circles, annoying spots and little blemishes that I want to cover.
I use the maybelline fit me concealer and it works like a dream.

Film |
My favourite film for this month was Bridget Jones baby. I wen't to go and see it with chummy a few weeks ago. I didn't know if it would be as good as the other two but my god, in my opinion it was much better. I just loved everything about it.

Book |
My favourite book hasn't actually been one written by anyone. Well me if the counts but it isn't a book. It's my memory book. Scrapbook if you will. The little book that I document the most special parts of my life, the amazing events and moments. I've been adding more and more to it lately, my birthday and Disneyland. I might actually do a little tour of my scrap book. Now obviously I'll have to blur out some faces but I love that I have a place to put all my favourite moments.

Song |
I have two favourites this month. My first favourite song is called lost boy. Its by Ruth B and its just so perfect. I sing to myself a lot and this is the song that I've been singing non stop. It's also the song that I found myself singing to myself a lot at Disneyland. The second is perfect illusion by Lady Gaga. The lyrics to this are just pure perfection. They really speak to me and its just been one that I've had on repeat.

Moment |
My favourite moment of the month was one shared with my chummy. The two of us meeting characters at Disneyland and then both sitting snuggle in front of the sleeping beauty castle. Disney was the most perfect weekend and I'm really hoping that chummy wants to go on another chummy Disney trip. The world seems a little hectic sometimes but that weekend, just me and chummy really made me feel a little more myself.

This is a very short favourites post but I didn't really have time. That's really bad but life's just been a little hectic lately. I'm hoping I can get back on track with it all soon. 

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