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Disneyland Paris | Sunday 4th September

Hello lovelies,
Today is the final instalment of my Disney posts. I'm a little sad I don't get to do more posts on this because it was honestly the best weekend of my life. So today I'm going to be telling you all about the last day in the most magical place.

So we had to be up pretty early, one for our magic hours but two because we needed to check out and get our bags in the Disney express. Now I think because we were going home that day we felt a little sad, the weather didn't really help. It was a little like Eeyore, a tad gloomy and cold. 

My breakfast was pretty decent. The day before had just taken it out of me and I knew I needed to get a lot of food in me. I had croissants and a bowl of cereal. Well I mixed the cereals because I found one that was rather chocolaty so I had to have it.

 Our last day at Disneyland Paris wasn't as sunny but we wanted to make the most out of it. We got there just after it opened so still had a bit of time before the park officially opened. We saw the characters doing their meet and greets but just walked past. We were on the hunt for the characters we hadn't met yet.

We stumbled across Goofy and Pluto so of course we had to go and meet them. I did find Goofy a little scary though, also Pluto really slaps you when he hugs you. Maybe we were just a little to achy and it hurt more. I'm really not sure.

After this little meeting we went to go on space mountain. They made me take on all my bags, so cogsworth and Lumiere came on with me. It was really good but made me feel a little sick, it really shakes you and my head was killing when I cam off it. 

After space mountain we went for a nice little stroll around the park. It was nice to soak in a little bit more magic even though it was a little gloomy. 

We then went to go and get a few more gifts for ourselves. Chummy got a stunning frozen statue and I fell in love with a beauty and the beast snow globe. I didn't get it until later on in the day because I was a little confused about the price. Anyway we went off and then found out where there was a Winnie the pooh meet. It was either him or another one of the hundred acre wood. Luckily for us it was Pooh bear himself. I was so happy. We waited in line with all the little kids to meet him, it was just so cool to meet the bear that I have so much love for.

After we met Pooh bear we went back to get the Belle snow globe. I fell in love and it was actually pretty cheap. We then went to explore the rest of the park, we ran into this dude doing a meet and greet. This cant have been a scheduled meet, there were hardly any people so we joined the very short queue to meet Rafiki. He is a little scary but it was well worth it to meet him.

We then saw the characters of toy story on a little board so we got a little photo with that. The characters when you meet them are just to freaky, we thought this was good enough.

After this we decided to head out of the park and go and get some food. We opted for McDonald's as it was the cheapest and we knew we would like it. Our legs were aching and my back was killing. I think the magic wore off a little because we knew we were going home. We then just spent some time looking in the shops outside of the park, I got a lovely bag which I'm now a little obsessed with. We then just sat there. Looking at all the Disney and just felt a little deflated. I think we were both just so tired. It was also bad weather so it felt a little less magical for us. 

We decided to go to the train station early to get out things and to get ready for all the checks and to get the train. It felt like we were there for hours. Well we were but I think we just really wanted to get home. We both loved it but I think we were so sad that it was all over. We had had the most magical day on the Saturday so for us that was our goodbye for now to the most magical place.

We got back to London, a woman asked if we were sisters......sorry chummy. Apparently we look alike, I don't see it. Chummy looks much better than me haha. Anyway her parents got us and then we went our separate way. It was nice to be back and tell everyone about the most magical weekend with my favourite human.

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