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Disneyland Paris | Saturday 3rd September

Hello lovelies, 
The Saturday in Disneyland Paris was the most perfect day. A day I didn't want to end because it was the most magical. As you all know, I went to Disneyland Paris with my favourite person, chummy. Saturday was packed full of fun and magical little moments that I'm sure we will cherish forever. So grab a blanket, some snacks and a drink and settle down to hear all about my magical day.

We woke up just after 6am, now I thought it would be a little weird. I'm not sure why but because even though I'd stayed at chummy's before, well that was when we were both drunk. I know I'm not a very happy person in the morning so I was paranoid that I would have been snoring all night and wake up in a foul mood. Luckily we were both just pretty sleepy. Luckily that didn't change the mood, we got ready and headed out to breakfast. We had a slot for 7-8 so we wanted to get in there quick.

Now the place we went was so cute, it was part of our hotel and they had a decent selection. I just got croissants and nutella. Obviously I had the healthy option and went for orange juice. The breakfast was so nice and I felt all cultured, I was in Paris eating croissants and I just felt so sophisticated haha. Now I've added some pictures of the breakfast set up for you to look at.

After breakfast we popped on our Minnie ears and headed to the park. We had magic hours which meant we got 2 hours extra in the park, this is for everyone who books and stays at the Disney hotels. It was so nice to be in there when it wasn't as busy, it meant we got better opportunity to meet characters just soak up some extra magic.

Its at this point I will point out that yes me and chummy did have matching outfits. This wasn't done on purpose but it was a happy little coincidence. I'm sorry for how awful I look but I wanted to add pictures of us. Something for me to look back on in later life.

When we got in there we saw Chip and Dale walking to there little meet and greet. Of course I was going to meet this cheeky pair. Now because me and chummy were as a two we decided it would be easier to get pictures together and then it meant other people had a bit more time with the characters, were just nice like that haha. Now Chip and Dale were such a cheeky pair and really playful. I've done a post all about character meets so if you want to read that then I'll link it in the pictures.

After meeting them we quickly ran over to Minnie and Mickeys meet and greet. We waited for a while for them but it was so worth it to meet the mouse that started it all. Also I was so happy we got to meet them outside their home. It just seemed so perfect.

After meeting the mouse that started it all we headed down main street. Now we didn't know the spots to meet characters, we did have a programme but didn't really pay much attention to it. Now that's when we spotted Donald Duck. Of course we needed to meet him. He's part of the original gang and we were not going to miss the opportunity to meet him.

Now time for a few pictures of the castle. This is now one of my favourite views. Its always been something I loved but being right next to my favourite Disney castle was just so magical. Its now one of my favourite places in the world. Can I also just take the time to mention that we had the most perfect weather on our full day in the park. It was gloriously sunny and a lovely temperature.

We wanted to go over to the studios park at least once. Tower of terror was over there and its the one ride that we both really wanted to do. It's being closed down next year so we needed to ride it because it was gone. Now for us studios wasn't as impressive. It's still really good and I think if you're more into the pixar films and more thriller movies then this is the park for you. Me and chummy are just big kids still wishing we could be running around in twirly dresses. 

Now it was pretty good in there. We first went straight to tower of terror. It was a pretty long queue but we knew it would be epic. Now it was just so good. The drop was amazing at when you are right at the top they open it all up, showing you the most amazing view of the park, truly breathtaking. Literally when they drop you. Down it actually lifts you out of your seat, don't worry your safely strapped in but it even managed to life me out of the seat and I'm a chunky person.

Here's a few more pictures of the rest of the park. It was really good, my cousin preferred this park to the other one but he's a little thrill seeker and a man, naturally he preferred the behind the scenes stuff and the trill seeking rides.

The next ride we went on was crushes coaster. This was an amazing ride but we waited about 1 and a half hours to get on it. The queue was 70 minutes and then when we got near the ride it broke down. It was well worth the wait though, it was absolutely incredible and its one that I would do again. However we weren't going to wait another hour when we had more of the park to explore.

I'm a massive fan of Toy Story so this is something that I've always wanted to explore. It was so cool. It really feels like your a little toy in amongst the big toys. Obviously I got a picture with Buzz because he was just too cool to miss.

Another film that I've always loved is Monsters Inc. I had to make a little stop to the area for that. The scream monitors were something I really wanted to do but sadly didn't. My throat was still really bad and I knew if I screamed to much, well I'd wreck my voice for the rest of the weekend. I found Boo's door and got a nice little picture with Mike. Unfortunately he wasn't there for a meet and greet but he had a stand in for photos.

After exploring the studios park we headed back to our source of magic, the main park. Now it was really got and the sun was still shining for us. We got to do a lot more exploring of the park. Now we didn't actually do many rides in this park. I think for me and chummy this was more of a character trip. We love theme parks but we wanted to experience the magic that we love so much. Also after much thought I have decided that I would like my own castle, I feel like it would be the height of sophistication for me and I can see me feeling right at home.

We wanted to check the time for our princess meal so we headed to Auberge de Cendrillon and after we spotted Aurora leaving. Oh my, she looked so stunning and the temptation to run over to her was strong. I didn't but every part of me wanted to. When I was little she was my favourite. To be fair her, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine are my favourite's.

After exploring more of fantasyland we headed off to find space mountain. We wanted to do it that day but the queue was just too long. We did go in the gift shops in that area which were so cool. We went of Buzz's astro blast which was so cool!!! I won which I was pretty impressed with, I'll tell you a secret. Chummy thought I was just good at finding the targets, I wasn't but I realised that after every 5 times of pressing the trigger it adds 100 points. I just kept on clicking, sorry chummy. We're both competitive people and I wanted to win haha.

We had a voucher for a tea time treat. This was included in our half board plan. We thought that just meant our breakfast. the half board plan gives each guest a tea time treat voucher for each day you're in the park, this means between 3-6pm you get a free drink and a doughnut or a magnum lolly. You can get this from selected restaurants throughout the park. Now They didn't understand diet coke, I didn't realise they call it coke lite. Now I think next time I need to brush up on my french.

We had a lot of time before our princess meal so we went off to explore more of the park. It was so nice to go to a quieter bit of the park. We went to see the lion king section and the pirates of the Caribbean ride. Now there was a little bridge over a little pond and it just looked so gorgeous. I obviously had to get a picture because thinks like this just please and relax me so much.

We saw Jessie doing a meet and great. Now unfortunately they cut off her line, chummy wanted to meet her but after seeing her again she was rather happy she didn't. Jessie is pretty scary up close. I think its because she's plastic, I know she's supposed to me a toy but its just weird. We both had the Jessie doll when we were little and for me, it was freaky seeing her that big.

We stumbled into the frozen section. Something both me and chummy were rather happy with, we both love frozen so we had to explore.

We headed out to go and see the parade. Now the parade was so lovely to watch. All the characters we know and love going past in the most amazing show.

At 6:30pm we had reservations at the auberge de cendrillon. The princess meal which we had been waiting so long to do. This was the most amazing experience of my life. I wanted to do a separate post all about it but I think you'd get a little to bored of hearing about Disney. The minute we got in there we were given these stunning menus and our waiter brought over the most delicious drinks, I think it was passion fruit and orange juice, bread rolls and butter and then these cheesy profiteroles. They tasted so nice!

I then got to meet this lovely little mouse. 

The starter was duck and salad. For me it a discussing that I didn't really eat it. I'm a very picky eater and new textures actually make me feel sick, I'm not over reacting. Its' actually something that happens so I didn't want to be sick, that sounds so childish but I have a thing with textures so this was a big no go for me. I think chummy thought I was being stupid but it actually makes me gag, so sorry chummy but I wasn't being childish it's a thing that happens with me.

The main meal was so nice. I had chicken in a truffle sauce with really nice mash and an edible leaf. It tasted so lovely. I don't really know what else to say about it, it just tasted really posh, maybe a bit too posh for two Essex girls.

Now the dessert was just perfect. It was supposed to be the cushion that Cinderella's glass slipper lays on. It was basically like a kinder bueno and tasted like perfection. Granted I was rather jealous of the children that had the Cinderella slipper made of white chocolate, unfortunately that wasn't on our menu.

In between our course we got to meet the princesses and prince. I met Ariel and Eric, Belle and Cinderella. Obviously I was so excited to meet Belle. She's my favourite princess so I got so overwhelmed that I got to meet her. I actually thought chummy was lying when she said it was Belle, even she wouldn't lie about that as I feel like she knew I'd give her silent treatment for a while haha. Ohhh I should also mention that this cos €69 but with our half board voucher it only cost €41. We didn't know if they could be used so after blackmailing chummy for two hugs, I asked. She's not one for hugs so I did what I had to for one haha. 

After the most amazing experience at the princess meal we went for a nice little stroll around the park. We then got our spot for the dreams show. Now this was the last night we would see it so me and chummy wanted the best seats in the park.  

They close off fantasyland so they can get the castle ready for the show. Now they rope it all off and we sat right at the front. No one tall standing in front of us or anything. We didn't have to stand up to watch the most magical show, we got to sit all snuggled to watch it. It was truly the most magical show. I'd seen it the night before but because it was just me watching the most stunning castle. I know this may sound silly but it was like no one else was there. Just me and my chummy. One of the people I love the most, a girl that's such a big part of my life now. Shes basically become like the sister I've always wanted. Yes I have one but chummy is like perfect sister material to be honest. It was just so wonderful to share that moment with her.

We of course got a cute little selfie in front of the castle. Our stunning Minnie ears on which chummy got me for my birthday. Next week I'll tell you all about our last day at the park. Now thank you chummy for sharing the most magical day of my life with me. I can't wait for more Disney adventures with you. I love you lots Tweedledee.

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