Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Disneyland Paris | Character Meets

Hello lovelies,
As most of you know, I went to Disneyland Pairs last weekend. It was the most magical weekend of my life and I will be doing a post about each day very soon. I wanted to start with the character meets. I thought it was much more exciting because if not it would be given away who I met in the day posts. Now I was like a giddy little child when I met all the characters. I like to think that me and chummy met a decent selection and I got to meet my favourite princess.

Now these won't be in any particular order because I will tell you when I met them in the posts about each day. This is just going to be a chat about the characters. Now me and chummy thought it would be easier to get pictures together and plus I think I needed my chummy, some of the characters are a little overwhelming to meet. 

Now as you can see we met chip and dale. They were the first characters we met and they were the most playful pair. This cheeky pair of chipmunks were so much fun to meet, they played with our hair and hugged us. We did have our Minnie ears on but after seeing them take a child's......well we didn't want to risk our ears being stolen by two playful chipmunks.

I also got to meet Cinderella's pink mouse. This was at the princess meal. I will be doing a post all about that but she was a rather friendly mouse. Unfortunately chummy didn't get a picture with her as she was called away, I like to think I got a nice little picture with this lovely mouse.


I was super excited that we got to meet Minnie and Mickey. We waited in line for them and they were well worth the wait. I got a hug from both of them and Mickey stole my ears. I wasn't please but Minnie got them back for me. After our photos Minnie noticed my shoes. Of course I was wearing my Minnie mouse vans and I got all giddy that this iconic Disney character noticed my Disney clothing.

Donald duck was another character we met. He loved it when people had his teddy or the Donald hat. He was such a fun one to meet and I've got a few pictures up close of Donald on my phone, the cast member taking the photos got a few for me so it looks like Donald took a few selfies.

I was going to wait and save this one but I just cant. I met Belle. My favourite Disney princess. I honestly didn't think I was in with a chance of meeting her but after years of loving this princess, I got the meet her. Now I was more excited than the kids next to us, I got very emotional and because chummy made me laugh I then wept a little. They actually have conversations with you and belle noticed my Minnie ears phone case, a little annoying because surely she wouldn't know what a phone was but I let that slide because she's Belle

Ariel and Eric next and what a pair they are. Ariel was stunning and she was English so it was much easier to talk to her. Eric was the perfect gentlemen and the conversation was a little awkward but I think they sensed we were just too excited. I got this picture with them, Eric asked if he may link my arm and of course I wasn't going to turn down the hand of royalty.

I also got to meet Cinderella. She was so lovely to meet and just so elegant in how she holds herself. Now I was still a little giddy from meeting Belle so this was a little bit of a blur to be honest.

Rafiki. We were just walking around the park and we spotted him with hardly any people waiting. Of course we jumped in the queue to meet him. Now he was a little scary to meet but I'm so glad I did, he hit me with his stick though by accident. 

Goofy and Pluto were another pair we managed to spot. We were lucky enough to join the queue when it wasn't to busy. They were a little scary to meet, Goofy is just really tall and Pluto really hits you on the back when he goes for a hug. They were a fun pair to meet and the cast member taking the picture was English, it was nice to be able to properly understand him and he noticed how Disney we went for the day.

My mum calls me her pooh bear, not sure why but its my cute little name she has for me. I was lucky enough to meet him and of course I waited in line with all the little kids to meet my favourite character. He hadn't even arrived and I was waiting patiently for him. He gives the best cuddles and is just really soft. I felt a tad emotional after meeting pooh bear.

I loved meeting the characters and we were so lucky to meet them. We had pretty decent weather as well. I cant wait to tell you all about each day, it was truly magical and I just wish I was back there with my chummy.

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