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Disneyland Pairs | Friday 2nd September

Hello lovelies,
 This is the start of my little Disneyland Paris day posts. I can't wait to go through my weekend with you and document this perfect weekend. Now me and chummy had work non stop before our trip. It must have been worse for her as she does full days. Luckily we battled through and woke up super early on Friday 2nd to get ready for your trip to Disneyland Paris. Now please ignore my horrible tired face in this picture. 

We left at nearly 6am and got there just gone 7am. Luckily chummy's parents dropped us off to the station, it was nice to know that we were there without the stress of the tubes. Now I hadn't been out of the country since I was 2 so this was all new to me. I didn't know what had to go through the scanners and things like that, luckily chummy got me through it and then it was just a very long waiting game. 

When we got onto the train we could finally relax for a bit. We had managed to adult all on our own and got ourselves this far. When we set off we started watching beauty and the beast, we turned it off after a while though. I didn't feel great. I had a headache, bad throat and a bad cold. Now we chatted for a while but I got to the point where I thought if I didn't sleep I was just going to be sick. Not what I wanted so I just had a nap instead.

Now I woke up and then a while later chummy got a call to go another carriage, of course I went with her because we didn't want to leave each other. We left our bags at our seats and went to see why they wanted to see us. What we didn't realise is that the train was just about to pull in. Long story short everyone got off the train and me and chummy were left running through the train both panicking while trying to get back. Now I had to adult in the situations but I was going into a little meltdown in my head. However we got our bags, got off and then just looked at each other with a little sigh of relief. We didn't realise but we had Disney express, that meant we could just leave our bags and they got taken to our hotel.

Once we got out of the station we got to have a little wander around, the shops were any Disney lovers dream. It was just a little bit surreal because we had actually managed to adult and get ourselves to Paris. 

After taking a little stroll around the shops, me and chummy headed off to find out hotel. We stayed in hotel Cheyenne which was about a 15 minutes walk from the Disney park. I actually loved where we stayed, it was just a nice little walk to pep ourselves up for the day and it was nice and forresty. We all know how much I love a nice forest so this was perfect for me.

I really loved the area we stayed in. It was wild west themed and I thought it was just so cool, everything was so detailed and just so quiet. Check in was pretty simple but every time we went in there we had to be scanned, sort of took the magic away a little bit it put my mind at ease that they has very thorough security. Our room was so cute. We had a double bed and a set of bunk beds, chummy had the double and I had the bottom bunk. I really loved the boot lamp in the room, it was just so fitting to the theme and I really want to get one now.

Once we'd checked in we headed out to do a little bit of shopping and to have a little look around the place. The sun was shining and I was in the most magical place with a girl that's grown to mean the world to me, a little bit like a sister.

Now the shops are any Disney lovers dream. The excitement for us was just a little too much and I had to make a few purchases straight away. The first was a baby Dory for my littlest cousin and an Olaf tsum tsum for me. Me and chummy also ran to the Minnie ears, we then found out that the ones Disney sell just don't look right on our adult heads. 

Because we were there for the final few weeks of Frozen summer fun it was highly frozen themed, something my chummy wasn't going to complain about. Now we couldn't not get slush in the frozen  cups so of course we got these.

Once we had our bags scanned and went through the security we got to go into the park. Even before we had got into the park I was just so excited. I think we had both finally let it sink in that we were in Disneyland 

Now after we got our tickets scanned we got to go into the park. The minute I saw the castle my eyes just filled with tears. Silly I know but this had been my dream since I was a little girl and I was there. In Disneyland Paris with my chummy. I was finally making my dream come true with a fellow Disney lover.

Now I went into the gift shop in the castle and saw that they finally had my Cogsworth clock. I bought him when I saw him, they don't have him in England and I was just so excited that they did. I went up the stairs to see stunning stained glass windows of scenes of sleeping beauty, one of my favourite Disney films. The sleeping beauty castle has always been my favourite ever since I was a little girl so this was just so magical for me.

On the balcony I got to see the Disney park from a castle. It was just so overwhelming to see the place I'd been dreaming about up close.

Alice's maze was one that I just had to do. Being a massive Alice fan I wanted to immerse myself in Wonderland for a small moment in time. It was so cool inside, it was even better than how I'd imagined it. Little doors here and there, cute little signs and just so perfect in every way.

Apparently I've gone from the camera shy girl to the girl who loves a good photo op. Now I couldn't resit the urge to get photos in the Alice maze. I also needed to get a picture in the mad hatters hat. Unfortunately the tea cups weren't working which was a little sad, they were something I really wanted to do.

After that we just wandered round the park for a while, we went on its a small world. A ride that my dad wanted me to go on. I loved it, it was a little creepy at first. If any of your have seen original Charlie and the chocolate factory, it was like the scene when they are on the boat. A little surreal but it was still a pretty good ride. Once we got off that we had another little wander and then saw that there was a parade about to start. I didn't realise it was the frozen one, this was basically Anna and Elsa in the carriage and my word. They looked stunning. Elsa is chummys favourite so of course we followed the horse and carriage to see them until the end.

Me and chummy were bother rather excited for the wishes show to begin so after having a little look in the shop, we went to go and get ourselves a good spot for the show. Now my throat was still so sore so I knew I'd be needing a drink or two to sooth my throat. Chummy saved our spaces and stayed with the bags. We could see the little cart I was going to but as I walked they took it away. I ended up at the beginning of main street on my own. Considering that at home I don't like going places on my own I did pretty well. I felt so comfortable, like I belonged and it was just so nice. I didn't know the language but I felt so safe. Anyway the wishes show was just amazing. I got a little weepy through I see the light. Its one of my favourite songs and it was just so perfect. I'd been waiting for this moment since I was little and I was there with my chummy, my partner in crime, the Tweedledee to my Tweedledum and life just seemed so perfect. I did record the show and put it on Facebook so I will try and upload most of it to YouTube.

So that was what happened on the first day in Disneyland Pairs. I cant wait to share the Saturday with you. We had the most amazing trip and I'm so lucky I have my blog to share it with you.

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