Friday, 30 September 2016

Monthly favourites | September 2016

Hello lovelies,
It's that time again when I get to share all my favourites for the month. The past month had been full of the most incredible highs and a few lows. I like to think that the highs definitely beat the lows though. So lets get this started shall we.

Beauty |
My beauty favourite this month has been my concealer. I've felt exhausted this month and the bags under my eyes have gotten a little darker. My concealer has been like my best friend this month. Its been perfectly covering my dark circles, annoying spots and little blemishes that I want to cover.
I use the maybelline fit me concealer and it works like a dream.

Film |
My favourite film for this month was Bridget Jones baby. I wen't to go and see it with chummy a few weeks ago. I didn't know if it would be as good as the other two but my god, in my opinion it was much better. I just loved everything about it.

Book |
My favourite book hasn't actually been one written by anyone. Well me if the counts but it isn't a book. It's my memory book. Scrapbook if you will. The little book that I document the most special parts of my life, the amazing events and moments. I've been adding more and more to it lately, my birthday and Disneyland. I might actually do a little tour of my scrap book. Now obviously I'll have to blur out some faces but I love that I have a place to put all my favourite moments.

Song |
I have two favourites this month. My first favourite song is called lost boy. Its by Ruth B and its just so perfect. I sing to myself a lot and this is the song that I've been singing non stop. It's also the song that I found myself singing to myself a lot at Disneyland. The second is perfect illusion by Lady Gaga. The lyrics to this are just pure perfection. They really speak to me and its just been one that I've had on repeat.

Moment |
My favourite moment of the month was one shared with my chummy. The two of us meeting characters at Disneyland and then both sitting snuggle in front of the sleeping beauty castle. Disney was the most perfect weekend and I'm really hoping that chummy wants to go on another chummy Disney trip. The world seems a little hectic sometimes but that weekend, just me and chummy really made me feel a little more myself.

This is a very short favourites post but I didn't really have time. That's really bad but life's just been a little hectic lately. I'm hoping I can get back on track with it all soon. 

Monday, 26 September 2016

What Happened Last Week | September 19th-25th

Hello lovelies,
Last week was good but I've been sort of keeping a lot of stuff to myself. Stuff that I know I should tell someone about, its just hard to admit and I don't like telling people about the extremely vulnerable side of me. Anyway more on that later. Now lets just get on with this post shall we.

Monday 19th |
On Monday I had the most wonderful day. A day of shopping, food and a movie for me and chummy. We started the day by having a short but sweet gym session. We then had a very nice day shopping. L was going to join us but sadly he had work, it would have been very nice to see him but I'm sure at some point I can steal him away from his busy schedule. Now I spent an awful lot, I shouldn't have but when I see things I like I sort of impulse buy. We got a nice little nandos lunch and just had a very good chilled out day. In the evening we went to go and see Bridget Jones baby. Fantastic film by the way. 

Tuesday 20th |
The start of a six day straight and I was starting with a 7-4. It was actually an all right day. It was a bit hectic but we all got through it. My evening was spent curled up in my bed and I ended up just crashing out so early.

Wednesday 21st |
On Wednesday I had a pretty fun day. I had work at 2, I was suppose to start at 3 but I wanted to go to my zumba class. Work was pretty quiet. I started to feel really ill though. I'm not sure why, I just came over really sick all of a sudden. Anyway my zumba class was okay but I found out that L had seen me at work, apparently with a thunderous face so thought he'd chat to me to cheer me up. He said he called me a few times but I just blanked him. I didn't even know he was there, if I did then I would have stopped and chatted. This is the boy that I've wanted to see for nearly two months now. I miss him and I was gutted that I didn't even know he was there.

Thursday 22nd |
A 10-4 at work and this was probably the worst shift I've had in a while. It was super busy and at one point I was taking the orders as well as cooking it all. Everyone decided that they didn't want to do what they had been told to do and it all just resulted in arguments. I ended up leaving a little bit earlier and ending on the sentence "You're all just a bunch of fucking children, this isn't a playground". I'd just had it with the bitchy comments to one another. Anyway I had a pretty chilled out night, I rang chummy to rant and also tried on my new dresses.

Friday 23rd |
Day 4 of 6 and this was a late shift. It was so busy. Like I don't normally do the cooking when its busy but it just wouldn't stop. We had ran out of most things and they sent over someone who was just useless. That sounds rude but if you want something doing right, you've got to do it yourself. I was just happy to go home and snuggle in bed.

Saturday 24th |
Saturday is where it all changed. Another full day which I didn't mind, I have no issue doing full days but it was just so busy again. We had a lot of people over to help but I don't like that. I feel on edge and I just don't like having people from other departments with us. It just feels weird and like I can't work how I normally do. A lot stuffs been going on in my head lately, its not a very happy place right now and I'm scared. 

I don't know why but I'm getting like I used to minds getting darker and I hate it. I went from rainbows and unicorns to black in a matter of minutes. I just needed to go quiet, sadly when I did that everyone thought I had the ump and that's when the little comments started. As happy as I look on the outside right now I'm broken on the inside. I hide it well. That's what I did before. I'm just so scared that I know what happened last time I got into this state of mind. I'm finding it hard to not slip back into old habits. The people I have in my life now have never seen me at my weakest, they've never seen me go into this state and I'm worried they'll just abandon ship. 

Sunday 25th |
The last day at work and this again was a full day. Sundays are normally fun days. Even when its really busy its always seems really fun. For me it wasn't a fun day, it was a meh day. At one point I was standing near the microwaves almost in tears with the woman I work with. My chumster was pretty good though, he managed to keep me entertained most of the day. I also then found out that I had dated everything wrong so it said it went out of date almost a month ago. The woman I work with said it was okay, because they realised and I just need to re-date. My minds been such a mess that I don't even know where my head is right now. Chumster sort of picked up that I was stressing about it so tried to cheer me up. 

Anyway that's been the week. Its odd but it started to perfectly and ended so badly. I know what I need. I need time with my friends. They just bring me back to reality and make me see life a bit more clearly. The few little outings we've been on or just when we've been with each other have helped. Little drives, picnics or drinks in a garden. They all just help me to see like in a better way. Just me and two people I adore.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Disneyland Paris | Sunday 4th September

Hello lovelies,
Today is the final instalment of my Disney posts. I'm a little sad I don't get to do more posts on this because it was honestly the best weekend of my life. So today I'm going to be telling you all about the last day in the most magical place.

So we had to be up pretty early, one for our magic hours but two because we needed to check out and get our bags in the Disney express. Now I think because we were going home that day we felt a little sad, the weather didn't really help. It was a little like Eeyore, a tad gloomy and cold. 

My breakfast was pretty decent. The day before had just taken it out of me and I knew I needed to get a lot of food in me. I had croissants and a bowl of cereal. Well I mixed the cereals because I found one that was rather chocolaty so I had to have it.

 Our last day at Disneyland Paris wasn't as sunny but we wanted to make the most out of it. We got there just after it opened so still had a bit of time before the park officially opened. We saw the characters doing their meet and greets but just walked past. We were on the hunt for the characters we hadn't met yet.

We stumbled across Goofy and Pluto so of course we had to go and meet them. I did find Goofy a little scary though, also Pluto really slaps you when he hugs you. Maybe we were just a little to achy and it hurt more. I'm really not sure.

After this little meeting we went to go on space mountain. They made me take on all my bags, so cogsworth and Lumiere came on with me. It was really good but made me feel a little sick, it really shakes you and my head was killing when I cam off it. 

After space mountain we went for a nice little stroll around the park. It was nice to soak in a little bit more magic even though it was a little gloomy. 

We then went to go and get a few more gifts for ourselves. Chummy got a stunning frozen statue and I fell in love with a beauty and the beast snow globe. I didn't get it until later on in the day because I was a little confused about the price. Anyway we went off and then found out where there was a Winnie the pooh meet. It was either him or another one of the hundred acre wood. Luckily for us it was Pooh bear himself. I was so happy. We waited in line with all the little kids to meet him, it was just so cool to meet the bear that I have so much love for.

After we met Pooh bear we went back to get the Belle snow globe. I fell in love and it was actually pretty cheap. We then went to explore the rest of the park, we ran into this dude doing a meet and greet. This cant have been a scheduled meet, there were hardly any people so we joined the very short queue to meet Rafiki. He is a little scary but it was well worth it to meet him.

We then saw the characters of toy story on a little board so we got a little photo with that. The characters when you meet them are just to freaky, we thought this was good enough.

After this we decided to head out of the park and go and get some food. We opted for McDonald's as it was the cheapest and we knew we would like it. Our legs were aching and my back was killing. I think the magic wore off a little because we knew we were going home. We then just spent some time looking in the shops outside of the park, I got a lovely bag which I'm now a little obsessed with. We then just sat there. Looking at all the Disney and just felt a little deflated. I think we were both just so tired. It was also bad weather so it felt a little less magical for us. 

We decided to go to the train station early to get out things and to get ready for all the checks and to get the train. It felt like we were there for hours. Well we were but I think we just really wanted to get home. We both loved it but I think we were so sad that it was all over. We had had the most magical day on the Saturday so for us that was our goodbye for now to the most magical place.

We got back to London, a woman asked if we were sisters......sorry chummy. Apparently we look alike, I don't see it. Chummy looks much better than me haha. Anyway her parents got us and then we went our separate way. It was nice to be back and tell everyone about the most magical weekend with my favourite human.

Monday, 19 September 2016

What Happened Last Week | September 12th-18th

Hello lovelies,
The last week has actually been so much fun. The week had a bit of a shit day on Monday but since then its like my happiness has just soared a little. Oh and yes I didn't try and censor my swearing. Louise Pentlands video about showing the Internet the uncensored version of herself made me think, that's why I'm not bothering censoring it anymore. I tell you all every little detail of my life so why bother censoring swearing. Anyway onto what happened last week.

Monday 12th |
Well on Monday I finally realised that I'd been dealing with a fuck boy. Now my chummy and chumster warned me but when I'm told not to do something......well I like to play it out to see if I'm right. They were right. He was a dick and I'm just so happy that my planned little date with this dick didn't go ahead. There will be a nice juicy post all about this situation soon. It's funny now but I think I'm deifnfiely done with men for a while. My focus is me now because I'm done with it all for now. Anyway I went out, got all my snazzy ribbons and bows for chummys presents. It's my lovely chummy's 21st soon and I needed to re-wrap her stuff. I'm very anal with my wrapping so I wanted it to be perfect.

I won't lie. I had a little cry, not at my wrapping. It was good but not that good, I wept about the fuck boy thing. Now I take a lot but there is one trigger with me that will have me with tears and he played on that. Never bring up someone, who to me is my first love. To me someone is and no one can say other wise. Never tell me it wasn't because I'm the only one who has that feeling so the minute you bring him into it.....the minute I'll ignore you and pretend you don't exist. Like it's just a big no, don't bring in the guy who is still the love of my far and my old best friend. It just doesn't sit well with me.

Tuesday 13th |
I was back to work on Tuesday and I had a late with my manager. She's a lovely woman but I have a lot of short cuts. She doesn't really mind to be honest. Now it actually went pretty quick and I managed to get myself a few more hours later in the week. At the minute mine and chummy's shifts have been split up a bit. I think she's tried to split us up on purpose, it has meant I haven't seen her as much but I think my manager thought I'd just be silent without her. I was fine, it's been nice to have play time with the others. Of course no one will beat my partner in crime but I've been basically buddied with one of my favourite ladies this week so it's been pretty fun.

Wednesday 14th |
A day off again and I did nothing. Actually no I had the most epic day that I'm very proud of. I spent my whole day snuggled in my bed watching Disney films. I watched the rest of hunchback, princess and the frog again and then brave. I hadn't seen brave but my god, it was amazing. I went to my Zumba class in the evening, much to everyone's surprise. I don't think chummy thought I'd go but I just needed that stress relief so I went along on my own. She was at work and chummy won't always be able to go to them. I needed to adult on my own and I'm so glad I did. I worked up such a sweat and felt so good after it.

Thursday 15th |
Back to work for me and I had a pretty good shift. I was doing a 12-6 and it was actually a pretty fun shift. Maybe because it was the first time I'd seen chummy that week but it was just nice to be busy. I think I've been looking for distractions lately, hence why work has been good for me. I ended at 6, came home and just got a little bit of writing done. I had a pretty early night because I was up early for work the next day.

Friday 16th |
My managers been wanting to teach me the open up for a while, now there are only to people who do them she needs the extra help. Now me and my favourite lady were being taught how to do it. Now to be honest I know half of it from when I've done full days with chummy on sunday, I just needed to know the rest. This was basically my close down in reverse with a some more paperwork. It was so much fun, I know it won't be like that all the time but it was basically me and this woman having a good giggle and playing supermarket sweep much to the annoyance of the duty manager. The rest of my day was just playing and my manager gave me a bit of a break and put me on a pretty easy job.

My night was really nice. I had a lovely bubble bath and just took some me time. I got the calm app which is very good to help me unwind and meditate. I dont do the whole "hmmmmmm" meditation stuff, yes thats the term I'm using. I just laid on my bed, chose the crackling fire scene and laid there. Emptied my mind for a bit and let every little stress just float away. I've been finding little distractions over the last week to take my mind of the shit of life but it turns out I need to just deal with it and let it go. I went to bed feeling so refreshed.

Saturday 17th |
Another full day at work and I started a 9. It was awful in the morning but everything calmed down a little. I spent the day trying to hide from chumster because the week before he frightened the life out of me, he now finds it rather fun to spook me. Anyway near the end of chumsters shift my manager told him his contract had been upped, I was happy for him but a little jealous. We've both wanted our hours upped for a while now, luckily she then told me I've been upped from 16 to 25. Its not full time but I'm so happy. To be fair I dont know how I would juggle everything at full time. I know I don't have a boyfriend to see, like I dont know how chummy manages a full time job, family, relationship, friends and everything else. 25 means I can start saving more and I still have time to focus on my blog.

I had a pretty sociable break though. I saw chummy's mum so she wanted me to sit with her and chat about chummys 21st party and what I'm doing. When I thought I had some me time chummys boyfriend came and sat with me. I didn't really mind but I was just trying to eat my lunch, haha. He's a lovely boy bless him and I know I need to make more of an effort for chummy. It was nice to have a good 40 minutes of chat just the two of us. He needs to get used to me as much as I need to get used to him haha. When I got home I crashed out so early.

Sunday 18th |
Sunday for that most playful day I've had at work in ages. It was a bit hectic in the morning but after a good giggle with my sunday people I was in such a happier mood. Once again chumster made it his mission to frighten me. He made me jump a few times but then frighten the life out of me later on in the day. He snuck up on me from the corner of the oven and grabbed me, also he has a very tight grip so it frightened the life out of me. I now also have handprint marks on my arm where he grabbed me, last time he did that he rubbed my arm to apologise but he was just in fits of laughter today that he had finally got me. Anyway it just seemed like a pretty chilled out day. I got to see my aunt in the evening and have a nice little catch up and then spent my night listening to brilliant music and in my own little writing bubble.

Anyway thats what happened last week. A pretty good week and next week I'm hoping it gets much better. No more talk of fuckboys and time to focus on family, friends and my job.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Disneyland Paris | Saturday 3rd September

Hello lovelies, 
The Saturday in Disneyland Paris was the most perfect day. A day I didn't want to end because it was the most magical. As you all know, I went to Disneyland Paris with my favourite person, chummy. Saturday was packed full of fun and magical little moments that I'm sure we will cherish forever. So grab a blanket, some snacks and a drink and settle down to hear all about my magical day.

We woke up just after 6am, now I thought it would be a little weird. I'm not sure why but because even though I'd stayed at chummy's before, well that was when we were both drunk. I know I'm not a very happy person in the morning so I was paranoid that I would have been snoring all night and wake up in a foul mood. Luckily we were both just pretty sleepy. Luckily that didn't change the mood, we got ready and headed out to breakfast. We had a slot for 7-8 so we wanted to get in there quick.

Now the place we went was so cute, it was part of our hotel and they had a decent selection. I just got croissants and nutella. Obviously I had the healthy option and went for orange juice. The breakfast was so nice and I felt all cultured, I was in Paris eating croissants and I just felt so sophisticated haha. Now I've added some pictures of the breakfast set up for you to look at.

After breakfast we popped on our Minnie ears and headed to the park. We had magic hours which meant we got 2 hours extra in the park, this is for everyone who books and stays at the Disney hotels. It was so nice to be in there when it wasn't as busy, it meant we got better opportunity to meet characters just soak up some extra magic.

Its at this point I will point out that yes me and chummy did have matching outfits. This wasn't done on purpose but it was a happy little coincidence. I'm sorry for how awful I look but I wanted to add pictures of us. Something for me to look back on in later life.

When we got in there we saw Chip and Dale walking to there little meet and greet. Of course I was going to meet this cheeky pair. Now because me and chummy were as a two we decided it would be easier to get pictures together and then it meant other people had a bit more time with the characters, were just nice like that haha. Now Chip and Dale were such a cheeky pair and really playful. I've done a post all about character meets so if you want to read that then I'll link it in the pictures.

After meeting them we quickly ran over to Minnie and Mickeys meet and greet. We waited for a while for them but it was so worth it to meet the mouse that started it all. Also I was so happy we got to meet them outside their home. It just seemed so perfect.

After meeting the mouse that started it all we headed down main street. Now we didn't know the spots to meet characters, we did have a programme but didn't really pay much attention to it. Now that's when we spotted Donald Duck. Of course we needed to meet him. He's part of the original gang and we were not going to miss the opportunity to meet him.

Now time for a few pictures of the castle. This is now one of my favourite views. Its always been something I loved but being right next to my favourite Disney castle was just so magical. Its now one of my favourite places in the world. Can I also just take the time to mention that we had the most perfect weather on our full day in the park. It was gloriously sunny and a lovely temperature.

We wanted to go over to the studios park at least once. Tower of terror was over there and its the one ride that we both really wanted to do. It's being closed down next year so we needed to ride it because it was gone. Now for us studios wasn't as impressive. It's still really good and I think if you're more into the pixar films and more thriller movies then this is the park for you. Me and chummy are just big kids still wishing we could be running around in twirly dresses. 

Now it was pretty good in there. We first went straight to tower of terror. It was a pretty long queue but we knew it would be epic. Now it was just so good. The drop was amazing at when you are right at the top they open it all up, showing you the most amazing view of the park, truly breathtaking. Literally when they drop you. Down it actually lifts you out of your seat, don't worry your safely strapped in but it even managed to life me out of the seat and I'm a chunky person.

Here's a few more pictures of the rest of the park. It was really good, my cousin preferred this park to the other one but he's a little thrill seeker and a man, naturally he preferred the behind the scenes stuff and the trill seeking rides.

The next ride we went on was crushes coaster. This was an amazing ride but we waited about 1 and a half hours to get on it. The queue was 70 minutes and then when we got near the ride it broke down. It was well worth the wait though, it was absolutely incredible and its one that I would do again. However we weren't going to wait another hour when we had more of the park to explore.

I'm a massive fan of Toy Story so this is something that I've always wanted to explore. It was so cool. It really feels like your a little toy in amongst the big toys. Obviously I got a picture with Buzz because he was just too cool to miss.

Another film that I've always loved is Monsters Inc. I had to make a little stop to the area for that. The scream monitors were something I really wanted to do but sadly didn't. My throat was still really bad and I knew if I screamed to much, well I'd wreck my voice for the rest of the weekend. I found Boo's door and got a nice little picture with Mike. Unfortunately he wasn't there for a meet and greet but he had a stand in for photos.

After exploring the studios park we headed back to our source of magic, the main park. Now it was really got and the sun was still shining for us. We got to do a lot more exploring of the park. Now we didn't actually do many rides in this park. I think for me and chummy this was more of a character trip. We love theme parks but we wanted to experience the magic that we love so much. Also after much thought I have decided that I would like my own castle, I feel like it would be the height of sophistication for me and I can see me feeling right at home.

We wanted to check the time for our princess meal so we headed to Auberge de Cendrillon and after we spotted Aurora leaving. Oh my, she looked so stunning and the temptation to run over to her was strong. I didn't but every part of me wanted to. When I was little she was my favourite. To be fair her, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine are my favourite's.

After exploring more of fantasyland we headed off to find space mountain. We wanted to do it that day but the queue was just too long. We did go in the gift shops in that area which were so cool. We went of Buzz's astro blast which was so cool!!! I won which I was pretty impressed with, I'll tell you a secret. Chummy thought I was just good at finding the targets, I wasn't but I realised that after every 5 times of pressing the trigger it adds 100 points. I just kept on clicking, sorry chummy. We're both competitive people and I wanted to win haha.

We had a voucher for a tea time treat. This was included in our half board plan. We thought that just meant our breakfast. the half board plan gives each guest a tea time treat voucher for each day you're in the park, this means between 3-6pm you get a free drink and a doughnut or a magnum lolly. You can get this from selected restaurants throughout the park. Now They didn't understand diet coke, I didn't realise they call it coke lite. Now I think next time I need to brush up on my french.

We had a lot of time before our princess meal so we went off to explore more of the park. It was so nice to go to a quieter bit of the park. We went to see the lion king section and the pirates of the Caribbean ride. Now there was a little bridge over a little pond and it just looked so gorgeous. I obviously had to get a picture because thinks like this just please and relax me so much.

We saw Jessie doing a meet and great. Now unfortunately they cut off her line, chummy wanted to meet her but after seeing her again she was rather happy she didn't. Jessie is pretty scary up close. I think its because she's plastic, I know she's supposed to me a toy but its just weird. We both had the Jessie doll when we were little and for me, it was freaky seeing her that big.

We stumbled into the frozen section. Something both me and chummy were rather happy with, we both love frozen so we had to explore.

We headed out to go and see the parade. Now the parade was so lovely to watch. All the characters we know and love going past in the most amazing show.

At 6:30pm we had reservations at the auberge de cendrillon. The princess meal which we had been waiting so long to do. This was the most amazing experience of my life. I wanted to do a separate post all about it but I think you'd get a little to bored of hearing about Disney. The minute we got in there we were given these stunning menus and our waiter brought over the most delicious drinks, I think it was passion fruit and orange juice, bread rolls and butter and then these cheesy profiteroles. They tasted so nice!

I then got to meet this lovely little mouse. 

The starter was duck and salad. For me it a discussing that I didn't really eat it. I'm a very picky eater and new textures actually make me feel sick, I'm not over reacting. Its' actually something that happens so I didn't want to be sick, that sounds so childish but I have a thing with textures so this was a big no go for me. I think chummy thought I was being stupid but it actually makes me gag, so sorry chummy but I wasn't being childish it's a thing that happens with me.

The main meal was so nice. I had chicken in a truffle sauce with really nice mash and an edible leaf. It tasted so lovely. I don't really know what else to say about it, it just tasted really posh, maybe a bit too posh for two Essex girls.

Now the dessert was just perfect. It was supposed to be the cushion that Cinderella's glass slipper lays on. It was basically like a kinder bueno and tasted like perfection. Granted I was rather jealous of the children that had the Cinderella slipper made of white chocolate, unfortunately that wasn't on our menu.

In between our course we got to meet the princesses and prince. I met Ariel and Eric, Belle and Cinderella. Obviously I was so excited to meet Belle. She's my favourite princess so I got so overwhelmed that I got to meet her. I actually thought chummy was lying when she said it was Belle, even she wouldn't lie about that as I feel like she knew I'd give her silent treatment for a while haha. Ohhh I should also mention that this cos €69 but with our half board voucher it only cost €41. We didn't know if they could be used so after blackmailing chummy for two hugs, I asked. She's not one for hugs so I did what I had to for one haha. 

After the most amazing experience at the princess meal we went for a nice little stroll around the park. We then got our spot for the dreams show. Now this was the last night we would see it so me and chummy wanted the best seats in the park.  

They close off fantasyland so they can get the castle ready for the show. Now they rope it all off and we sat right at the front. No one tall standing in front of us or anything. We didn't have to stand up to watch the most magical show, we got to sit all snuggled to watch it. It was truly the most magical show. I'd seen it the night before but because it was just me watching the most stunning castle. I know this may sound silly but it was like no one else was there. Just me and my chummy. One of the people I love the most, a girl that's such a big part of my life now. Shes basically become like the sister I've always wanted. Yes I have one but chummy is like perfect sister material to be honest. It was just so wonderful to share that moment with her.

We of course got a cute little selfie in front of the castle. Our stunning Minnie ears on which chummy got me for my birthday. Next week I'll tell you all about our last day at the park. Now thank you chummy for sharing the most magical day of my life with me. I can't wait for more Disney adventures with you. I love you lots Tweedledee.